Work To Surf: Allen Sarlo Biopic Malibu Premiere At Dukes Friday October 30


What: Work to Surf Malibu premiere
When: Friday, October 30, 2009
Where: Duke's Malibu
What time: 7:30 PM
How much: Complimentary
Who: You and 249 others
Why: Because it's fun and educational.
What else: Billy Wilson band after the movie

Allen Sarlo is extending an invitation to attend the Malibu premiere for Work to Surf at Duke's Malibu, at 7:00pm on Friday, the 30th of October.

The Malibu premiere comes fresh on the whirlwind of the World Premiere at the Laemmle Theater in September - where a surprising 400 moviegoers showed up to a sold out venue. They laughed, they hooted and then an enthusiastic, surf-stoked crowd partied in the lobby after the film, complete with booths sponsored by Body Glove , Mellow Drink and Jeff Ho Surfboards.

Allen Sarlo has influenced the surfing world for decades, transcending eras - Dog Town in the 1970s to pro surfing in the 1980s to pioneering big wave riding at Todos Santos in the 1990s to the present, where Sarlo uses Malibu as a home base for surf trips around the world - practically commuting to the North Shore every winter, where he continues to amaze with his power surfing. Now a married father of two, Sarlo was protector for the Dogtown boyz, best friend of Mark Foo and a performance inspiration for this generation.

Fellow Z Boy Stacy Peralta has said Sarlo's "Wave Killer" act of the 1980s set the pace for modern performance surfing.

Sarlo is arguably the most surf-stoked 50-year-old on the planet, the "still can man, with the still can plan." Work to Surf is the theme of Sarlo's life, and of this movie: a life story about focus, hard work and passion, with incredible surfing footage from all over the world and all the top pros.

Sarlo's dedication to surfing and how he has made a lifestyle that perpetuates that passion is embodied in his story. The film projects a positive message about the Sport of Kings, disproving that surfers are a bunch of good for nothing lazeabouts, and also proving that a guy with enough energy can live a balanced life: Family and fun, mortgages and the Mentawai.

Work to Surf reinforces the solid principles that hard work,  education and dedication will get you where you want to go: In the barrel at some hidden Mexican point wave, but also high in a comfortable home overlooking the beaches of Malibu.

The 45-minute movie was shot, directed and edited by Dave Ogle, who recorded high-energy footage of Sarlo surfing everywhere from First Point, Malibu to Mainland Mexico, Indo, and thundering North Shore, Hawaii. The footage also includes Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Mark Foo, Yaden Nichols, Jay Adams and many great surfers from Malibu to Sunset Beach.

The Malibu Premiere will be at Duke's Restaurant, at 21150 Pacific Coast Highway.

Show starts at 7:30

Admission price: complimentary

After party: The Billy Wilson Band

If you can't make this showing, or get there and it's sold out, fear not. The Santa Monica Film Festival has requested Work to Surf for a marquee entry in this year's event. Fasten your seat belts, it's a positive ride on a feel good surfing adventure.