World Surf League confirms first public event at Kelly Slater’s wave pool for May 2018

It has been a monumental week in the world of professional surfing. We imagine that everything before Tuesday’s “test” event (aka the Future Classic) held by the World Surf League at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch will be referred to as something like “pre-wave pools.” Which means of course we are now living in the “wave pool age” — or something to that effect.

On Wednesday, coverage of the big step for pro surfing made its way into The New York Times. And a very interesting nugget came out of that article: “The World Surf League will hold its first public event at the Surf Ranch in May 2018.”

Current world champ looked right at home at the Surf Ranch. Photo: Courtesy of World Surf League

GrindTV reached out to Dave Prodan at the WSL for confirmation and he told us, “The WSL plans to have its first public Surf Ranch event next year, tentatively scheduled for May. We look forward to releasing more details when we release the 2018 calendar in the coming weeks.”

Stay tuned to GrindTV for more details on this, but you can be certain that this is going to change surfing forever.

Kelly Slater relishes in his creation of the Surf Ranch and the evolution of surf contests. Photo: Courtesy of Steve Sherman/WSL

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