WRV Wins First Braggers Cup of 2006

The stage was set. The smack talking and rumors were at an all time high. Shops were either rising to the occasion or dropping like flies with rumors of Bourgeois, Todd’s, Bortes, Laines, Carlson’s out for vengeance and coming to the Banks. The 5th Annual O’Neill Surf Shop Challenge/ Braggers Cup was about to erupt.

Saturday May 6th, 2006 gave way to Sunny sky’s and waist +high clean conditions. Event organizers were ready as the paramedics were on the sidelines because this one was going to be fierce and for the record books! From the first team hitting the water to the last one in the finals the performance level was high. Lips were smacked, whacked and attacked! From the start 17th Street looked unbeatable! Waves were bombarding their heats faster than a Chris Todd lip smack! Although 17th ST eased there way into the final it wasn’t so easy for some. Whalebone and WRV were both showing some pretty strong blows in the water and tied in the semis. The event organizers discussed the course of the situation and came to the logical conclusion that this was the Braggers Cup and let’s end it fair and square —with a man on man ten minute brawl, winner advanced! Whalebone choosing team rider/ Hurley rep Brad Harrell and WRV choosing ex-Hurley rider Brendon Petticrew this was to be good. Eight minutes into the brawl, Harrell had drawn blood with a solid score! Nine seconds left…eight, seven. As the heat was about to end both riders took off on their back sides and it was Petticrew that gave the wave up and the Whalebone team got spanked down! Fools! Should’ve been greedy and not given into the soft nice guy attitude! That sent them to the bench and WRV to the final.

The final was a bit lackluster as the tide was rising and the surf seemed to be relenting. With a .5 difference the defending champs team WRV took back the Cup and sealed the win , taking home an insane prize package from O’Neill, Transworld SURF, Freestyle, DaKine, Odyssey 2020, Gravity Skateboards, and Himaya sunscreen and $500 bragging bucks. WRV now holds the gold and diamond coveted cup that they don’t have to give back for a whole year! Champions extraordinaire!

Special thanks to judges: Brian, Carter and Nalu as well as Front Porch for the great muffins and coffee and The Pitt for coming through with the best Taco’s north of the border!!! Also many thanks to John Hunter and O’Neill Wetsuits for providing the best freakin’ wetsuits on the planet for all to test! Mutants and Psycho’s are amongst us and coming to a shop near you!

2x Braggers Cup Champs WRV

Jeff Myers
Steve Owen
Brendon Petticrew
Ian Parnell

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