WTF!? Aussie Surfer Prophesizes His Own Shark Attack

Just what we want to see before going to OZ…

Durwin Keg

Durwin Keg…with a cool name like that, it’s gonna take more than a shark to take you out.

Just days before he embarked on a surfing getaway with his mates, Sydney’s Durwin Keg had nightmares about being eaten by a shark.

The 41-year-old Maroubra surfer’s worst dreams almost came true yesterday when he came face-to-face with a great white shark at Cellito beach on the New South Wales mid-north coast.

Sitting offshore on his surfboard, Mr Keg saw a strange shape deep in the waters and knew it was a shark.

“I just looked around and saw this huge shadow, probably about four metres away from me,” he said. “Straight away I knew it was a shark. He was just sitting under there watching me.”

Mr Keg began making his way back to shore as calmly and quickly as he could, but within a few strokes, he turned and saw the shark following him. “I knew it was after me,” he said. “I started moving and I could see him going behind me.” Mr Kegg paddled as hard as he could as the shark began closing in.

Moments later it struck with all its force into Mr Keg’s board. “He just came up and lifted me to try throw me off my board,” he said.

Mr Keg said he clung to his board, trying to stay above water. The shark then tried to attack a second time. “This time he came right up out of the water to flick me off,” he said.

As he came within centimetres of the shark, which had torpedoed most of its body out of the water, Mr Keg was certain he was going to die. “I was on my own, I was too far out,” he said. “I feel blessed to be honest. I was dreaming for weeks before we came up here that I’d be eaten.”

Screaming to his mates to get out of the surf, he began wildly throwing punches at the shark which eventually moved off.

When Mr Keg finally walked back onto dry land, he realized how lucky he was to emerge unscathed. “He could have had me,” he said. “He was huge.”