X-TRAK Announces Release of Goods Series Line of Traction Pads

Hot on the heels of a Hobgood victory in the Globe WCT Fiji 2006, X-TRAK is stoked to announce the much anticipated release of the Goods Series signature line of traction pads. Developed over more than two years of R&D field research, working closely with CJ and Damien, the new Goods Series is the most technically advanced pad line in the world today and represents a giant leap forward in both form and function.

The Goods Series, like all X-TRAK pads, are made in our new US manufacturing facility owned and operated by dedicated surfers. Utilizing CNC technology similar to that used in machines that have revolutionized surfboard shaping, X-Trak has opened the door to virtually limitless possibilities in traction patterning, far beyond the simple squares and diamonds of most other pads.

Each of the four Goods pads has its own unique traction pattern designed to complement its other design elements. Combined with this is the all new “NANO-DOT” thermoformed embossing. This secondary pattern of small dots, less than half the size of our original Micro-Dots, is applied over the CNC machined traction pattern providing the superior adhesion of two levels of grip enhancement working as one.

Each of the four Goods Series designs also offers its own distinct combination of one piece outline shape, arch bar and kick tail design. The CJ-1 features a swallow tail shape, wedge shaped arch & grooved kick making it a great choice for surfing “off the tail”. The Damo-1 combines retro styling with a smooth full length parallel arch & grooved kick. The CJ-2’s thumb-tail shape is great for those mini-guns & the tapering kick reduces drag on those narrower tails. Finally, for those that prefer a flat pad, there is the Damo-2, which combines a king size kick with a groove pattern featuring a triangular center-line in place of a raised arch.

Add to all that eight insane new color combinations and you’ve got a traction line worthy of two of the hottest surfers in the world today…… and you.

Checkout the Goods Series as well as the whole line of X-Trak pads and leashes at, www.xtrak.com

Toll Free ordering: 1-888-964-6860