X-TRAK Announces The Release Of Two New Pad Designs For Spring ‘08

The first two designs in a whole series of spring/summer pad releases are now available on the X-TRAK website and in the weeks to come in local shops. These first two designs, the INSURGENT and the WOODROW feature two unique patterns and eye popping new color combinations.

The INSURGENT offers the first realistic camouflage pattern in a traction pad – not just chunks of green foam melted together but individual pieces fitted together like a fabric pattern. The one-piece pad features light weight 5mm foam, a 25mm kick-tail, 7mm triangle arch, knobby groove pattern and NanoDot embossing. The pad will initially be available in the following color combinations: charcoal/black, army green/black, tan/brown, army green/light green, light gray/dark gray, dark gray/black.

The second pad, the WOODROW, utilizes the same construction techniques to create a wood-grain pattern. This one-piece pad also offers lightweight 5mm foam, a 25mm kick-tail, 7mm triangle arch, knobby groove pattern and NanoDot embossing. This pad is be offered in a more vibrant color pallet: navy/purple, dark orange/light orange, dark green/light green, charcoal/black, navy/blue and tan/brown.  

The Insurgent and the Woodrow are the first of many new pads that will be released in the weeks and months to come. Next up will be a complete revamp of the four GOODS Series pads. The GOODS Series has been developed in close collaboration with WCT surfers and former world champion CJ and Damien Hobgood. Both of the Hobgoods have had a hand in pattern design, arch and kick placement as well as color selection. All GOODS pads utilize state-of-the-art CNC machine technology to create a truly unique look and feel while allowing us to offer each pad with its own specific traction pattern. Look for these pads to be released in the days to come.

These pads, like all X-TRAK pads are MADE IN THE U.S.A. If your pad isn’t X-TRAK it was most likely made by a guy in China who has never even seen a surfboard. Our pads are designed, manufactured and tested by surfers and we believe the difference shows in the quality of our pads.

Checkout the GOODS Series as well as the whole line of X-TRAK pads, leashes, and arch bars at XTRAK.com. While you’re on the X-TRAK web site be sure to click on the contest button X-TRAK to enter and win your favorite pad. All you have to do is send us an email telling us which GOODS pad is your favorite and we’ll enter you in the drawing. A winner is chosen every month.