Xcel Announces 2009 Skin Cancer Awareness Partnership

Xcel Announces 2009 Skin Cancer Awareness Partnership; UV Protection Gear Sales to Benefit Cancer Research

Xcel Wetsuits Skin Cancer Program
HALEIWA, OAHU, HAWAII – January 21, 2009 – Xcel International, Inc. (Xcel) is taking its efforts to raise skin cancer awareness to a national level, announcing its 2009 partnership with the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii (CRCH), a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer through research, education, and service.

Through December 31 this year, as part of its UV PROTECTION, SKIN CANCER PREVENTION program, Xcel will donate a percentage of proceeds from national sales of Xcel UV Protection Gear to benefit the research efforts of the CRCH.

“Xcel is in a prime position to raise awareness about the importance and ease of sun protection,” says Ed D’Ascoli, Xcel president and founder. “As a brand headquartered in Hawaii, where the sun shines strong almost 365 days each year, we’ve been designing our UV Protection Gear specifically for maximum sun protection and performance. Our 2009 partnership with the CRCH is the next step in Xcel’s ongoing efforts to raise much-needed skin cancer awareness.”

The partnership between Xcel and the CRCH began with a similar Hawaii-only effort in May 2007, during National Skin Cancer Awareness month. Due to that campaign’s success, Xcel is expanding its proceeds base to include sales made throughout Hawaii and the United States mainland.

“Our continuing partnership with Xcel is an excellent example of how companies, and individuals, can help join the fight against cancer,” adds Dr. Michele Carbone, interim director of the CRCH. “Skin cancer is especially preventable; the CRCH works for the cure through research, and Xcel through product innovation.”

Xcel UV Protection Gear performance apparel is designed from fibers to finished product to block over 95 – 98% of harmful UVA/UVB rays, whether wet or dry. A core wetsuit brand, Xcel applies its cutting-edge wetsuit innovations and features to full UV Protection Gear product lines for men, women, and youth – product that emphasizes high performance with the added benefit of built-in sun protection.

“With nation-wide proceeds benefiting cancer research,” adds D’Ascoli, “our UV Protection Gear not only benefits the individual wearer – it can help people everywhere in the long run, by contributing to the valuable research we need to understand, treat, and prevent skin cancer.”

About the CRCH

The Cancer Research Center of Hawaii (CRCH) is one of only 63 National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers throughout the United States. As a unit of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, it conducts cancer research, educational activities, and community outreach, including the operation of the Hawaii Tumor Registry, the Clinical Trials Unit, and the Cancer Information Service of Hawaii.

The Center’s research takes advantage of Hawaii’s ethnic and cultural diversity, geographic location, and unique environment to discover possible causes and cures for cancer. The Center is located at 1236 Lauhala Street in Honolulu. For general information on the CRCH, please visit its Web site at www.crch.org.

About Xcel
Founded in 1982, Xcel International, Inc. (Xcel) is a global wetsuit brand distributed throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. Headquartered on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Xcel’s core wetsuit business focuses on the cutting edge of material and design development. Xcel’s primary markets include surf, dive, wakeboard, paddle, and sun (UV protection). In addition to its North Shore office, Xcel has stores on Oahu, Kauai, and Maui; and a warehouse/repair facility in California.

To learn more about Xcel, please visit www.xcelwetsuits.com.