Xterra QE3: Xtremely sugarless.

When I was younger, my mom used to play tricks on me by giving me sugar-free candy and claiming it was the real deal¿that’s why I chew on plastic today. Then the other day some marketing dude from Santa Cruz Naturals came in with a sugarless energy drink called Xterra QE3.

Slightly confused, I immediately thought my mom had created a drink just to do dupe me in my older and wiser state. She’s smart, but no one told me she was a scientist. Apparently the drink has a sugar substitute called Sucralose¿sweeter than sugar without the “sugary” effects on the body. According to the dude, my mom’s sweetner has been tested and approved¿in other words my pet mice never got any strange lumps on their heads. I wonder if she ever tested it on me?¿A.C.