Yannick de Jager Ripping The Netherlands

This kid surfs so good I almost don’t believe he’s from the Netherlands and grew up surfing the North Sea. See below for info…—JC

Protest takes you on a journey “From here to there” with 5 of their professional surfers, following them on their journey from their personal here to get there, whether it’s a search for solitude and empty breaks, winning contests under pressure or simply searching for the perfect wave in imperfect locations.

Yannick de Jager nurtured his surfing skills in his front yard, the North Sea in The Netherlands. He will find his ”there” somewhere along the way while traveling to locations with high quality surf, competing in international contests or simply finding waves to perform – to take his surfing to the next level.

Music by Future Islands – Inch of Dust & Vireo’s Eye

Yannick de Jager

Yannick de Jager tearing it up in the North Sea