You Scratched My Anchor Encinitas Premier Party Pics

A sea of hipsters, babes, and bros post up at Raen Optics in Encinitas, CA. for the premier of You Scratched My Anchor, a film by Mitch Abshere. Located right next to this groovy little sneaker and clothing store, Univ, this is the best dressed part of town. Photo: Alex Knost.

mattson 2

The Mattson 2 (Jared Mattson on the guitar and Jonathan on the drums) are the hottest ticket in town and a couple of the nicest guys you could meet, just don’t ask me which is which when the twins aren’t on stage as they are identical twins. Photo: John Lee

Justin Heit

Rean founder Justin Heit keeping th popo at Bay. Photo: John Lee.


TransWorld SURF and Raen’s co-branding effort. That was some serious industry bro speak. Photo: John Lee.

you scratched my anchor

Love it or hate it, longbarding and it’s colorful cast of characters are here to stay. Personally I really liked the soundtrack and the Caddyshack innuendos. Check the trailer below! Photo: Alex Knost