Young Wise Tails Do NYC

Parker And Conner Coffin in New York City

NYC, it’s for you, and it’s for me. The city where dreams happen and lives are changed. The world’s best pizza and the world’s most diverse population. The Coffin brothers (Conner and Parker) spent a bit of time recently in the Big Apple doing touristy things, making new friends (see the video), and surfing in the Unsound Pro Junior. They sent over their YWT (Young Wise Tails) Episode 3 vid and we decided to get a bit more info from the eldest Young Wise, Conner.

Was this your first time to NYC?
Parker and I have both been back there actually. Our aunt used to live out there but she recently moved to California. She had a rad apartment and we visited her a few times when we were younger.

What kind of touristy things did you do?
We were pretty touristy actually. We went to the top of the Rockefeller center, saw ground zero, and also checked out the Statue of Liberty.

Any late night city escapades?
We never had any late night escapades. We were with our mom so we were keeping it PG-13. It’s pretty hard to do any late night escapades until you are 21 I think.

Favorite thing you did or saw?
Favorite thing had to be the Soho area. There were rad stores, amazing food, and more gorgeous women than humanly imaginable.

Thing that surprised you the most about NYC?
I was actually surprised by the cleanliness of the city and also that there were a lot of nice people.

Don’t let that fool you now. How do the women compare to those of California?
The girls seemed to be mostly models and hipsters. They were gorgeous but not necessarily too friendly. We were trying to ask girls where the subway was but they typically shut us down. Haha!

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