Zoc Teams With Quiksilver

Alistair “Zoc” Zorica, Rip Curl’s wetsuit product manager, will bemoving back to Australia early next year to become the wetsuit productmanager for Quiksilver in Australia.

“It was an extremely hard decision,” says Zoc. “Things at Rip Curlcouldn’t be better — which sometimes is the best time to leave.Although I look forward to the new opportunities, I’ll definitely missthe group here. It was a real team effort.”

Rip Curl’s wetsuit program has experienced significant growth in the twoand half years Zoc has been a product manager, but he says he looksforward to being an “underdog” again.

“I think Quiksilver really has a global vision about where they want totake the Quiksilver brand,” says Zoc, who says he’ll be working withDave Lester in Quiksilver’s U.S. office and Pierre Aguness, who work forthe Quiksilver’s French operation.

Zoc says he accepted the position in the first week of November and willstay on at Rip Curl through the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to Quiksilver Senior Vice President Bill Bussiere, theaddition is great news for the brand but was driven entirely byQuiksilver’s Australian licensee: “Sure, it’s a great thing, but thehiring of Zoc was a strictly arm’s length affair for QuiksilverInternational.”

Bussiere says wetsuit designs are submitted by committee, and expectsZoc would be part of that committee along with Aguness. “Dave Lester isthe main focus for the wetsuit R&D department here, but he closelyinteracts with all the licensees,” he says.

According to Rip Curl’s U.S. President Leigh Tonai, an announcementregarding Zoc’s replacement is pending, and will be released in the nextfew days.