Zoltan Torkos Making Headlines

After posting a video of him attempting a kickflip at Steamer Lane, the TWS message boards went nuts with comments both pro and anti-Zoltan. Now the local newspaper in Santa Cruz has picked up the story, check out the article on surfing’s kick flipping magician…

As reported on www.santacruzsentinel.com:

Kickflips and magician’s tricks for Westside Santa Cruz surfer Zoltan Torkos
By Stephen Baxter

SANTA CRUZ — Westside pro surfer Zoltan Torkos comes from a long line of magicians, and now he has a new trick up his sleeve: a surfing kickflip.

Torkos and filmmaker Casey Panudy of Santa Cruz circulated an online video clip in recent days that shows one of the closest attempts yet of a kickflip on a surfboard — an elusive trick that no surfer worldwide has caught on film.

In 2007, a global contest from the surf company Volcom offered $10,000 to the first surfer to submit footage of a surfing kickflip — where the surfer flips the board underfoot like a skateboard. The rules are strict though: No Jet Ski assists, no grabs, and the aerial must be above the lip of the wave, landed and “ridden out.” No one has yet claimed the money, but Torkos said it’s not the money that motivates him. It’s just an expression of fun and a desire to entertain, he said.

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