Cobblestone Classic designated Deep Blue event for its low environmental impact

The 2017 Cobblestone Classic has been designated as a Deep Blue Event by Sustainable Surf, a non-profit that works in cohesion with Deep Blue and expands efforts to make surf culture a more eco-friendly environment.

Volcom Pipe Pro 2014 – Deep Blue Surfing Event from Sustainable Surf on Vimeo.

An event is designated as “Deep Blue” through a transparent reporting platform that focuses on five key sustainability impacts: waste, energy, community support, climate change and transportation.

The 2017 Cobblestone Classic is the first Deep Blue event to be powered by solar energy and offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with the event held at Trestles in June. Surfers and their teams helped make the event ‘ocean-friendly,’ with nearly 65% of people car-pooling or biking to San Onofre.

Cobblestone Classic Deep Blue

Alex Gray and Greg Long showing off their greener transport options. Photo: Deep Blue.

$2,500 is being donated to the San Onofre Parks Foundation for their Summer Enrichment Program, and will be used to help provide ocean-focused, outdoor learning experiences for under-served youth in the Santa Ana & Los Angeles area.

"SURFER has really shown the surf industry how to run a more ‘ocean-friendly’ Deep Blue Event in a fun and engaging way,” said Michael Stewart, Sustainable Surf co-founder. “Sustainable Surf was stoked to work with all the surf brands and surfers involved in the Cobblestone Classic to use renewable energy, reduce plastic bottles and go plastic-straw-free, minimize carbon emissions, use greener transport, and give back to the local community. It was a great event to be involved in and we can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with SURFER and Volcom."

Cobblestone Classic Deep Blue

Photo courtesy of Deep Blue.

The 2017 Cobblestone Classic has exceeded the minimum requirements in the five Deep Blue Event categories measured:

  • Waste Diversion: 34% of waste material was diverted from landfill
  • Renewable Energy: Solar energy was generated onsite – providing >70% of total energy requirements
  • Climate Change: 100% of the event's carbon footprint is being offset
  • Community Support: $2,500 is being donated to the San Onofre Parks Foundation
  • Transportation: Car-pooling and greener transport options were used by approximately 64% of attendees
  • Cobblestone Classic Deep Blue

    Spoons, cups and tubs sorted and ready for recycling. Photo: Deep Blue.

    The event was the first of it’s kind, giving the industry a chance to form teams and compete against each other in the water. Learn more about the event here.


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