2012 TransWorld Business Awards Winners & Ceremony: The Year’s Best Shops, Brands, And Reps

We unveiled the official winners from 2012’s TransWorld Business Retail and Industry Awards at Agenda tradeshow at the Long Beach Convention Center, Friday, January 4. Here’s a quick look back at what went down and a more in-depth look at the people and groups that are shaping the future of our industry.

As in this nation, the TransWorld Business Awards are a democratic process. For over a month, we tirelessly polled the industry in a two-part survey--using our patent-pending (no, just kidding) VIP and People's Choice Nominations. VIP surveys were distributed by invite only to key industry executives and shop owners, and were weighted as 70 percent of the final results. The People's Choice polls were conducted on twsbiz.com and were weighted at 30 percent. Think of it as the Electoral College and the popular vote. Just like our nation's elections, well, probably more so, the votes were rigorously patrolled for fraud and to ensure only one vote was cast per person. We received thousands of responses and hundreds of votes were cast in each of the following categories to name your choices for this year's top brands, retailers, reps, and products.

2012 Industry Awards

We reached out to over 8,000 specialty retailers across surf, skate, snow, wake, moto, and BMX, posing open-ended questions about what sales reps and companies have done the most this year to foster their stores' growth, goals, and continued success. Here are the individuals and brands that topped the voting in 2012, helping keep specialty retail special.

Brand Of The Year:

What action-sports brand created the best partnerships and products and did the most to support your store throughout 2012?


Best Specialty Specific Store Product Line:

What core specific product line was most successful for your store in 2012? 

Nike Skateboarding

Most Innovative POP:

What brand's 2012 POP programs did the most to help support sales at your store?

Vans window display. The Garage

Vans window display. The Garage

Vans: Custom Window Displays, In-Store Buildouts

Best Online Sales Support:

While many companies are competing directly with you online, there are a number of brands that are taking creative approaches to help their retail partners cash in on the web. Which of your brand partners has done the best job of supporting you in e-Commerce?

Burton Snowboards

Most Innovative Product:

What product was introduced this year that has done the most to move the sales needle in a particular category for your shop, or created an entirely new category?

Stance Socks

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Retailers voted for the sales rep who has done the most this year to help support its store growth, goals, and continued success. Click through each region to read more about who the reps are and how they killed it in 2012.


Nikki Sternin, Skinny Bitch Sales

Lib Tech, GNU, Roxy Snow, Quiksilver Snow, Quiksilver Tech Apparel, POW Gloves, and Airhole


Dustin Anderson

Nike Snowboarding, Ashbury, RVCA, HOWL, and Slash by Gigi



Patrick Tullos, Rat Pack Sales

Nitro, KREW, Supra, L1 Outerwear, Airblaster, Arnette, Crab Grab, Howl, and Bakerboys Dist.

Patrick Tullos


Emmet Klocker, Shelter Sales Co.

Volcom, Electric, Coal, Capita, Union, and Celtek


Daniel Broadwell, Flour City Distribution

Ashbury, Capita, Coal, Crab Grab, HOWL, Poler, ThirtyTwo, and Union

Dan Broadwell


Mat Jagemann, White Flag Sales

Burton, anon, RED, Forum, Foursquare, and Special Blend


Daniel Johnston

Vans, Pro-tec

Daniel Johnston


CM Slocum, SynReps

Billabong, Connelly, CWB, Von Zipper, Dot Dash, Aquaglide, and iON


Jay Woon, Westernfront Sales (Alberta)

Nomis, Stepchild, Technine, Rip Curl, Osiris, DYE Snow, Uranium, CandyGrind, Depalma So Cal, and Les Loups MC (LLMC)

Erin and Jay Woon

Erin and Jay Woon

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Retail Awards

We reached out to over a thousand industry execs and reps to learn which retailers ramped up their operations in 2011 to help turn the tide on retail's economic slide. Here's a look at who they chose and why these shops are celebrating a very Happy New Year.

Overall Shop Of The Year:

What retailer has done the most this year to grow the action-sports industry and performed the best despite the difficult economy?

Surfside Sports, Costa Mesa, California

Online Retailer Of The Year:

Which online action-sports retailer has shown the strongest performance, while supporting the ideals of specialty retail and promoting the sports as a whole, during 2012?

Dogfunk, Park City, Utah

Hardgoods Retailer Of The Year:

What retailer has shown the strongest innovation and sales strategies for hardgoods during 2012?

Surfside Sports, Costa Mesa, California

Best New Shop:

What rookie account that opened during 2012 has done the best job of expanding your reach and developing a new community?

SHRD.com, Bend, Oregon

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For each region in which you do business, what core retailer has had the largest impact, shown the most innovation, and done the best this year?


Surfside Sports, Costa Mesa, California


Snowboard Connection, two locations in Washington


Milosport, Orem, Utah


Damage Boardshop, Duluth, Minnesota


Buckman's, Eight locations in Pennsylvania


Darkside Snowboard Shop, Three locations in Vermont


Vertical Urge, Raleigh, North Carolina


Kingpinz, Houston, Texas


Sanction, Victoria, British Columbia

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  • Breakout Category #1 Brand: Ladies Shoes, TOMS (women’s), Nike (men’s)
  • Recession Buster (by dollar market share): Volcom and shop brand hats
  • Turnstile (by dollar market share): Penny Short Complete Skateboards (<34")
  • Hard Sell #1 Brand (by dollar market share); Penny Short Completes and Longboards