2013 TransWorld Snow Conference Speaker Bio: Andrea Kates

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Business today has to master a new skill--the ability to move beyond the speed of change. It’s time for a complete re-boot, exchanging tools like SWOT analysis for the ability to spot trends on the horizon, and learning to read the tea leaves of tomorrow through the innovations of other industries, today.

It’s the toolkit that shows Nikon to rethink their competition as more than simply Canon and Sony and see the emergence of Instagram as an opportunity for growth. It’s the approach taken by Sharp HealthCare that inspired them to study Disney and the Ritz-Carlton as a path toward winning the Baldrige Award (not only other healthcare organizations).


How can you move faster than the speed of change? What are the ways to read signs of change in time to lead our teams and our organizations?

What is the difference between a consumer fad and a customer opportunity?

What should be on your dashboard today to move beyond the speed of change?

Master the components of “trendification”–the most important skill for every business leader to master in today’s competitive environment. Using examples from industries including active sports, high tech, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services as well as innovative entrepreneurial companies, Andrea provides a new playbook and hands-on experience with the toolkit to help you chart your organization’s next move covering these topics:

1) Tap into trends from the social media sphere (move beyond reading "echoes" to reading real-time information)

2) Read trends in big data (move from insight to foresight)

3) Cross-industry trends that show early signs of opportunities (move from silo-ed thinking to a periscope view)

4) Five skills to instill in your team today that will make your organization more competitive, spot trends on the horizon, and uncover untapped revenue opportunities (move from theoretical to engaged)

5) The "Next" Dashboard: link trends to metrics (move from rear view mirrors and static information to responsive, adaptive, innovative, interactive, action-oriented data tracking)


Practical insights you can use right away to shift from conventional tools like the SWOT analysis to more dynamic skills like "trendification," “customerization," and cross-industry insight integration. Everyone receives a copy of the Business Genome strategy tool, with an emphasis on the new world of trends, brands, and market leadership. You learn how to apply the Find Your Next process to your own organization so that you're equipped to lead your teams toward growth starting first thing Monday morning.


Andrea Kates is the founder of the Business Genome® project and author of the bestselling business innovation book, Find Your Next: Using the Business Genome Approach to Find Your Company’s Next Competitive Edge (McGraw-Hill).

As a business strategist, facilitator, and speaker, Andrea has led more than 250 strategic business initiatives for global corporations, entrepreneurs, and organizations including Royal Dutch Shell (Asia-Pacific), Audi, Allstate, Continental Airlines, GM/OnStar, Hewlett-Packard, JP Morgan Chase, KPMG, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Houston Texans (NFL), Humana, and P.F. Chang’s. Find Your Next was based on her original research with top leaders of rapidly growing companies including GE ecomagination, IndieGoGo, LunaTik, Autodesk, Cisco, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Johnson & Johnson and Sharp Healthcare. Find Your Next reveals the keys to a revolutionary model of business innovation that has the capacity to change business as we know it.

Known to many as the next generation’s “brand whisperer,” Andrea created the Business Genome® project to help companies adapt to a rapidly-changing global business environment and to gain a competitive advantage by discovering cross-industry opportunities for innovation. Her hallmark CoLabs immerse organizations in the hands-on application of cross-industry insights.

Andrea is a member of the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) community and featured 2012 TED speaker (short talk).

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