2013 TransWorld Snow Conference: China Rising—Breaking Into Snowboarding’s Next Frontier


Miriam Deller explores how to bring your products to market in China and make them resonate.

Tuesday, March 13, 4 p.m.

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China’s unique environment provides a myriad of challenges, opportunities, and unrivaled possibilities to further expand the global outreach of the snowboard industry.

Economically developed regions and lager cities in China bare the best breeding grounds for conscious brand developments and introductions and effective operations in the market. The sharp thinking of domestic businesses seem to have interesting prospects, yet the undeniable existence of the distribution of backdoor and counterfeit products call for determined brand building, and long term outlooks.

Hear from Miriam Deller’s first-hand insights on how you can utilize the assets of your companies in the China market, as she brings a decade of experience in the industry in China to the table.


Miriam Hanna Deller is a tireless entrepreneur, a person who creates and is most satisfied with work that lasts. Her extensive background in advertsing, media, sports, fashion and sinology make her a valuable asset to any investment, research or expansion in the Greater China area. Her expertise in communication, strategic branding and event management combined with year long experience in the China market and overseas make her a natural choice for overseeing all ventures concerning lifestyle, sports, the arts and luxury traveling at her agency Core Power Asia.

Miriam has successfully managed some of the largest snowboard events in China to date, initiated and built the two most successful boardsports events in China, World Snowboard Day and Skate Deck Art, handled every detail of numerous fine art openings and fashion shows, facilitated a range of high profile collaborations and business ventures and works with the most popular athletes, artists and entertainers around the world.

She is a regular contributor to a diverse range of print and online publications in sports, fashion, design, and travel.

Her outgoing and friendly personality combined with her natural talent to connect people and businesses, have created a unique, personal and ever growing network of professional like-minded individuals.

Prior to joining Core Power Asia, Miriam has worked in Fortune 500 companies and agencies in the media and retail industry. Her varied educational background in Sinology, Marketing, PR, Integrated Communications and Branding, Journalism, Fine Arts and Fashion ensures a deep understanding of all aspects of brand communications, creative consulting, market entry solutions, retail advisory, talent management and photo/ film productions.

Miriam is originally from a small town in the Austrian Alps and now lives with her husband and son in Beijing. They love to travel together and seek adventures around the globe.

When they are not working or traveling, you can track them down somewhere in China taking a turn on the slopes or riding a wave!