30/30: Milestone MX Pro Shop

Most memorable day at the shop?

Every single day here is memorable. Since we are located at one of the best tracks around we get to see some of the best riders here on a daily basis!

Favorite skate / snow / surf / moto film?

Off Brand by Jaisaac Sloan dot com.

Most infamous customer?

That's a tough question because we have had a lot of Pro's come through our shop......but it was great when Jeff "Chicken" Matiasevich came in.

Located in the Riverside area of Southern California, Milestone MX Pro Shop is a full service motocross store equipped with its own set of in house tracks designed to support every level of rider. We caught up with shop owner and manager, Brandi Varize, to get her take on the benefits of opening a shop with its very own backyard racing track. Milestone MX Pro Shop has been able to cultivate a following of loyal riders by creating a motocross driven experience. Riders are able to shop and practice all in one spot. So, if there’s ever a problem they can look to knowledgeable onsite help.

The shop is able to throw a number of different events in their home track and cater directly to their customers’ needs. Milestone MX is putting is getting back to the roots of the sport by bringing the track to the rider.

How has having a track in your backyard influenced, shaped, and/or supported your shop?

Milestone MX Park has a lot of loyal riders who come here often.  Our shop has become "their shop".....and in turn they have become our friends!

How have you developed the Milestone MX brand experience?

If you come to Milestone MX Park and break something on your bike or get a flat...you are still going to be riding.  It's a comfort and puts you at ease knowing they your day is not over because of a bike problem...the shop will take care of you.

What kind of a role do the events that you throw in your backyard play into the success of your shop?

Our clientele base is on location so it works hand in hand.  Riders don't have to make an extra pit stop to pick up oils or parts they may need.  It's all here at Milestone MX Park!

Experience before opening your own shop? 

Motocross has been our passion for many years....and when you ride and have kids that ride; working on a bike becomes 2nd nature.

How long has your store been around?

July 4th was our one year anniversary.

Square footage?

Roughly 2,500 square feet.

What has been the single best-selling brand over the past six months?

Troy Lee Designs.

What are your top three most profitable product categories?

Tubes, Oil and Labor.

Who are the top three reps that service your store and what makes them special?

Oscar Franco with Western Power Sports, Gonzo Mendez with Tucker Rocky and Tim Burandt with Troy Lee.  They are special to us because they care about us and the success of our shop and they are constantly checking in to make sure we are taken care of.

What is your overall impression of the local market over the past six months?

The market has picked up and our shop has grown so much over the past six months.  And we are confident it will continue to grow.

What store (or multiple stores) are your closest competition?

Malcom Smith Motorsports and Chaparral Motorsports.

Is your shop working closer with any particular brands?  

Mika Metals is our most personalized brand.

What are some things brands are doing to work with your shop?

They sponsor some of our riders and visit our track often.  When we place an order with them, we get next day delivery and that helps a lot.

Percentage of inventory dedicated to hardgoods?


Milestone MX Pro Shop
12685 Holly Street
Riverside, California 92509
Phone: 951-686-GOMX (951-686-4669)
Fax: 951-784-5220