A Visit To ASP Headquarters


Donald Trump doesn’t have an office like this. If you think you have a rad office—think again. From the ASP offices in Coolangatta, Australia you can see from Snapper Rocks to Kirra Point without moving your feet. There’s toss up between CEO Brody Carr and Tour Manager Renato Hickel for coolest office in the world. Either way, you’ve got to see it to believe it. I paid a visit to the ASP crew today. We had some sushi, talked about what’s in store for the 2008 world tour, and had a quick tour of the site. WARNING: You’ll never look at your office the same way after seeing this. (shown above: ASP CEO Brody Carr has no reason not to be smiling! He works across the street from one of the best waves in the world, lives less than a kilometer away, and has a really cool girlfriend.) Come along for the tour here.


Tour Manager Renato Hickel looking out at ….


This. To the left, Kirra. To the right Snapper. When I check the surf at Oceanside Harbor on my computer at lunch I get stoked. Imagine watching the world’s best sandbar reel off day after day!


Rabbit wasn’t around, so we barged into his office and took turns posing with his World Championship trophy. Here’s Transworld SURF editor Chris Coté making the most of the situation.


The boys at JS Surfboards were kind enough to make a bunch of boards for the ASP’s banquet. Brody had a bunch of them autographed and is using them for charitable events. I snapped a board at Kirra yesterday and have some room in my boardbag, so I’ll be wrapping one up and bringing it back to the office at Transworld. Thanks JS!