Standouts of Agenda New York: Top trends and products on the floor

Words and reporting by Kailee Bradstreet and Hayley Helms.

TransWorld Business hopped over to the East Coast this week to check out exhibiting men’s brands highlighting their Fall 2017 collections. Agenda New York, Capsule, and Liberty are in full swing, and we’re dedicated to showcasing the most interesting products and brands we spot on the floor.

We’re covering all three shows at Pier 92 and 94. Stay tuned for a look at Capsule and Liberty, coming soon.


PinpointBK Founder Emily June does these hand-drawn prints, and is looking to make them into silk jackets.

A new brand that caught our eye is PinpointBK, out of Brooklyn, New York, founded by two friends in their spare time. The company got its start through pins and patches, but is now looking at ways to branch out to apparel designs.

A tapestry by PinpointBK.

Co-founder Emily June says Pinpoint is also branching into hand drawn tapestries.

Just a taste of what PinpointBK has in store.

Buyers from major retailers like Urban Outfitters were taking notice of the various designs Pinpoint has been cranking out for clients like Vice Media and Adult Swim.


CHPO and booth neighbor Ekumenik show off their goods.

Sweden-based brand Cheapo (CHPO) is intriguing for many reasons, most notably their dedication to keeping price points of their products accessible, as well as sticking with social values that support groups that have historically faced discrimination.

The Skateistan x CHPO collaboration focuses on great design and social values everyone can get behind.

The Skatistan x CHPO collaboration is a blend of Scandinavian design principles and humanitarian efforts.

Viktor Telégin, CEO of CHPO and Jordan Kendel, of Ekumenik in their booth at Agenda New York.

CHPO and Canadian apparel brand Ekumenik shared a booth this year, with both brands boasting elevated design principles and a new take on tried and true products.

Primitive Skateboards

Military influences were huge at Agenda New York. Here, we see Primitive’s take on the trend.

We caught up with Primitve Skateboards at the show, and the brand gave us a look at styles that are resonating with East Coast retailers and buyers.


agenda new york

Nixon’s Bones Brigade collaboration hits retailers this summer.

Nixon was showcasing it’s Bones Brigade collaboration. The next round of watches that drops this summer will include Mike McGill, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain, and Steve Caballero.

agenda new york

Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero’s color ways from the Nixon x Bones Brigade collaboration.


agenda new york

Slowtide showed off all the styles from their collaboration with Poler.

Slowtide gave us a sneak peek into their Summer 2017 line, which includes a variety of fabrications as well as collaborations. The company is leaning toward more premium woven towels, drawing on Turkish and chambray materials, as part of its Essentials collection—a line that carries over seamlessly from the shower, to the pool, and the beach.

agenda new york

Slowtide partnered with pro surfer Kassia Meador for this oversized towel.

Drawing inspiration from Kassia Meador’s talent on and off the surfboard, Slowtide and the pro surfer partnered up for a towel collaboration that can double as a beach blanket.


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Pintrill brought their pin designs to life on some rad jean jackets and bombers.

Because of the lack of seasonality of pins, as well as the quick production times, Pintrill is able to stay on top of trends and produce topical designs that can appeal to a wide array of consumers.

agenda new york

Pintrill showcased some popular options that were speaking to both  East and West Coast buyers.


agenda new york

Jansport put a spotlight on both their Diamond Supply collab as well as their premium line.

Known for their heritage, Jansport is playing on both their status as an ever-popular brand as well as their ability to diversify, apparent in the Diamond Supply Co. collaboration as well as their premium line.

agenda new york

The Premium line appeals to a broad range of demographics, from action sports to the mainstream.

Jansport’s premium line uses mature fabrications, water resistant materials and a design that marries modern influences with a mature feel.

Brixton x Stance

The Brixton x Stance Friendly Union Collection

Last, but certainly not least, we ended the evening over at the Stance flagship store in SoHo, as the company unveiled its Stance x Brixton Friendly Union. The collection consists of a clean “Classic Crew” sock and Del Mar underwear offering, just in time for your guy on Valentines Day.

Inside the Stance Flagship’s front window, the Brixton x Stance collection sits in a prominent position.

Everything from the marketing to the packaging reflects a clean, simple aesthetic in true Brixton fashion.