All Good Expeditions: Bringing brand spirit and adventure together on one epic trip

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living: at one point or another, you will get burned out, beaten down, “over it.”

All Good Expeditions

Getting back into nature. Photo: Will Thompson

For some of us, the only way to recharge is to get outdoors – far away from the cubical maze that dominates 5 days out of 7, and see the natural world through fresh eyes.

All Good, an up-and-coming outdoor apparel brand from Sacramento, and its staff could relate to the desire to escape from the daily drudgery.

When the brand opened their flagship store a little over a year ago, the staff began hosting free Saturday workshops for the community. Their lead designer, Hannah Vernasco, said of the concept, “The workshops were a way for us to do a couple of things: cultivate a welcoming, community vibe within the shop, provide a service for the outdoor community in the area, and just unplug.”

All Good Expeditions

The All Good flagship store, meant to be a place to hang out, relax, and learn more about the outdoors. Photo: All Good

The workshops quickly gained popularity, and customers began giving their feedback to All Good; they craved more from the brand, and Vernasco and team were happy to oblige.

The result? All Good Expeditions, the all-inclusive getaways that anyone can sign up for; a trip for the adventurous and young at heart, focused on growing relationships with the natural world and with like-minded individuals.

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“These are different than a tradeshow to showcase the brand- anyone can make jackets, anyone can throw a DWR coating on there, but we wanted people to be able to really live the brand though our eyes,” says Vernasco. “Fans and consumers wanted to engage with All Good more, the staff wanted to get out of town, and the two ideas really came together in an authentic way.”

All Good Expeditions

Conquering challenges and bagging peaks – all in a day’s work when you head out on an All Good Expedition. Photo: Will Thompson

Authenticity is at the core of the All Good Expeditions – from their initial desire to tell the brand story authentically, to craving a real connection outside of the work world, to learning about one another, and themselves, in the most natural way.

According to Vernasco, “It's easy to get lost in what's on your plate, and lose perspective. Even though we work in an amazing industry, it's still a job- this is a great reminder for the All Good staff of why we got into the business.”

The expeditions happen twice a year, and anyone can sign up. According to Vernasco, groups are kept to around 8-12 people, so that true connections can be fostered.

All Good Expeditions

Joshua Tree lodging, courtesy of Balsa Ranch. Photo: Will Thompson

Last year’s expeditions included rock climbing in Joshua Tree, surfing in Nicaragua, and hiking to Havasupi Falls.

Nicaragua Part 1 from All Good on Vimeo.

For the second half of 2017, the group is set to return to Havasupi Falls – registration is open now to join.

Another key aspect of the expeditions? Grassroots partnerships with brands and vendors.

All Good Expeditions

Keeping expeditions small in size means expert chefs like Love Grub Organic can not only feed the crew, but get to know them as well. Photo: Will Thompson

Because the groups are kept to such a small number, participating vendors are able to fully immerse themselves in the adventure. Vernsaco says of the relationship, “It’s not an impersonal expedition- if All Good works with vendors, they are ones with a personal connection. For our last expedition to Joshua Tree, we worked with Love Grub Organic, a private chef that not only fed the crew, but participated in planned events as well. It was great to foster that connection organically.”

All Good Expeditions pride themselves on providing something for everyone, but what the trips are really about are community coming together and feeding off of each other – rejuvenating adventurous emotions, and stoking that inner flame.

All Good Expeditions

Cheers to another successful expedition. Photo: Will Thompson.

Other than that, what can you really ask for?

For more information on All Good’s adventures, and how you can be a part of the next one, check out their site.