Andreas Wiig Captures Snow Exposure-Meter Title For Second Straight Year

Wiig put the cherry on top of one hell of a year that included wins at the Vans Cup, X Games (2 golds!), and the Honda Session, by sticking the Exposure-Meter title for a second straight year. It was a super close race with Shaun White, who won just about everything that Wiig didn't this year, right down to the wire, but Wiig managed to come from behind in the final month to pull it off. Transworld Business caught up with the Norwegian rock star to share the news of his win and get his reaction.

Andreas Wiig, Vans Cup Slopestyle. Photo: Transworld SNOW

TWB: So how was your year?

AW: It’s been a really long, but really fun season. My season turned out to be way better than expected. The fact that I’m getting really burnt out right now (beginning of May), makes me feel that I definitely put in my time this year. Now party time is coming up….

: You got a few new sponsors that helped out with your advertisement points. What do you enjoy about ad photo shoots?

AW: I like the shoots when the whole team comes together. Since it’s a lot of waiting around there's always time to chill out with your teammates and have a good time. It’s also cool when I have some input, and it hopefully makes the shoot turn out better.

TWB: What does the Exposure-Meter title mean to you? Do you follow it through the season? Were you surprised you pulled it off this year with Shaun White leading in the last couple months?

AW: Being the most exposed rider in the three biggest snowboard magazines is of course huge for me. In my first years being pro I never thought I would end up winning the Exposure-Meter two years in a row. Unreal. I don’t follow the Exposure-Meter too closely through the season, but I somewhat stay updated on what’s going on. Being too focused on the “business side” of snowboarding during the season can make me a little freaked out, so I try to focus on spins and powder turns instead! I knew that I was in second place the last couple of months, so stepping it up last minute was really surprising.

TWB: How has it helped your career as far as sponsorships, contracts, etc?

AW: It’s definitely a really good claim to have… Next to contest and videoparts, this is something my sponsors seem to pay close attention too. Of course having the sponsors backing me the way they do is a big part of the reason why I topped the Exposure Meter again. It’s like a team effort.

TWB: What plans do you have for the summer and next year that will help you dominate with a three-peat?

AW: This summer I will take some time off for sure and get a good break from all the traveling. I think it’s really important to get some time thinking about other stuff and get away from the “scene” for a while. For me, that’s the best way to reload my batteries. I’m planning to go on a two-week boat trip to Croatia with some buddies of mine, and I think it’s going to be really fun. But I doubt it’s going to be good for my snowboarding hehe…Besides that I will spend my time in both Oslo and L.A. I’m also going to Mt. Hood and I’m planning to go to New Zealand too. When the season starts again I will spend the first 3-4 months just riding with the exception of doing a few contest. That way I can be more on it when I start shooting again.

TWB: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

AW:Have a good summer everyone.

Wiig's not the only one stoked on this win. His sponsors, Vans, Nitro, Rockstar, Electric, Protec, Heavenly at Tahoe, Raiden bindings, Vestal, Grenade, Active, and Neff, are also super pumped on the win as it means great exposure for their brands as well.
“As a company, we are definitely stoked to have one of our key guys end up at the top of the Exposure-Meter, especially two years in a row,” says Vans Core Marketing Director Peter Dericks. “It recognizes all the hard work Andreas puts in throughout the winter as he juggles competing, filming video parts, securing ads, and going on editorial trips for the mags. Most riders can only focus on one of these at a time, so to have a guy who can do it all and win the Exposure-Meter is amazing. Andreas’ success in the Exposure Meter validates our financial investment in him as an ambassador for the Vans Snow program and helps with our sales efforts in terms of giving both the rep and retailer confidence when selling in Andreas Wiig signature product.”

“We’re so stoked for Andreas,” says Nitro Team, Marketing, and Product Manager Tonino Copene. “It is nice working with riders who have other sponsors’ support and backing. It also shows how talented Andreas is in contests, filming and getting shots. As a sponsor it is nice to see credit given, where credit is due.”

On an aside, we’d like to give a shout out to Tim Zimmerman whose photography was featured so much this year that he managed to take both second and fourth place in the snow photographer rankings! Actually, this was a typo on our part for which we are humbly contrite. Tim had some miscellaneous points under a different name that bumped him from fourth to second. No one was omitted and the top ten was actually rounded out by Chris Wellhausen.