Aussie Board Builders Tour: Firewire Surfboards


Just off the Gold Coast Highway across from Burleigh Head, Nev Hyman is busy fine tuning surfboards for Taj Burrow. Hyman is half mad scientist, half surf-stoked grommet. Transworld Business paid him a visit one rainy afternoon while the Quiksilver Pro was called off for the day, and Nev took us for a full tour of his factory. He walked us through how Firewire builds its boards—from crazy computer programs, to vacuum bags, to super-light blanks, to glassing, and finishing. It was pretty insane to see first hand. Here’s a little taste of the tour.


We missed Nev by two minutes (because we totally barged in for an unplanned tour!) but his assistant (shown here) was super helpful. When we found out Nev wasn’t around we took off. Then Nev showed up, so she called Transworld’s offices in the states, got our cell number, and called us to let us know Nev was back in! That’s a good assistant!


Nev Hyman explains what kind of materials are used in Firewire’s boards. Here he has a super-light EPS blank with balsa-wrapped rails…ready to be finished, glassed, and shredded.


Here’s Nev with one of Taj’s favorite boards, and one of Firewire’s new Direct Drive boards.

Stay tuned for updates, including video of the production process and a complete explanation of materials by Nev Hyman himself.