Aussie Board Builders Tour: JS Surfboards


If you’re tuned into the Web cast for the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast event—or any WCT event for that matter—then chances are at least one of the surfers in the water is riding a surfboard shaped by Jason Stevenson. He makes boards for Andy Irons, Joel Parkinson, Jordy Smith, and Mick Campbell just to name a few. To get to his factory on the Goldie, you just hook a left at Kirra point (if you’re headed up from Coolangatta), follow the road until you get to a boatyard, swing a right past a bus terminal, and you’re there. Transworld Business stopped by to see the crew at JS and talk shop. Come take the tour with us. (Shown above: Jason Stevenson with Andy Iron’s new quiver.)


Just some of the shred sticks laying around at JS headquarters.


A dream quiver. I felt like the fat kid at Willy Wonka’s when we were walking around. Keep in mind Snapper, D-Bah, and Kirra are literally right around the corner. The whole atmosphere in Coolie is very conducive to shredding. Imagine being able to fine tune your quiver at Snapper with Jason Stevenson right around the corner!


Under his Magic Carpet label, Stevenson is doing some really radical things with SUP boards. You should see what local ripper Luke Egan can do on one of these things!


Jason Stevenson with a prototype board he made for Parko. Under those orange rails there is all kinds of crazy carbon fiber stuff going on.