Behind The Lines: Mexican Surf Strike With The Brother Trace Marshall

Brothers Marshall Co-Founder Trace Marshall On Fun, Sun, Surf, And Their Summer Line

What do you do when you’re running behind schedule on next season’s sales collateral for your line that’s about to hit shops? Well, if the forecast in Baja calls for an epic swell, you have access to a 55-foot sailboat, and happen to own a camera, the answer starts to become pretty obvious.

After getting a copy of The Brothers Marshall’s new summer lookbook, we caught up with Co-Founder Trace Marshall (follow this link for a profile of the brand)to learn more about the trip, the new line, and his take on putting the fun back in sunf, err, surf…

The last page of your look book leaves us hanging – what doors are you guys in these days and how has that growth been looking?

We are still keeping Brothers Marshall small right now. We have opened a few more doors in some top boutiques and core shops as well such as Icons of Surf , Esteem, W.O.L.V.E.S., American Rag, and Oakland Surf Club. The market is changing and there are more of these crossover stores popping up everywhere! We are so excited, it’s wide open right now and the OC giants are trying to figure it out. The same thing is happening to the music industry right now. I mean Samsung just bought one million copies of Jay-Z’s new record at $5 a piece to just give away to their users--this would never have happened 15 years ago. Sorry to get off topic, but we continue to work with, and garner solid support from all the same bros such as Mollusk, Thalia, UNIV, and Conveyor… Go buy some gear!

Looks like a fun Mexican mission for this shoot – give us the back story.

We knew that the swell was going to be pumping and crowded as fuck at the “First Point Malibu.” We also knew our dear friend Dave “RANCH ONE” Nason just finished building his 55-foot sailboat and wanted to break her in. Being as charming and as handsome as we are, we were able to swindle him into taking us to an undisclosed point break south of LAX, no problem. I also have to mention that we are lazy surf bums and we were a week late with our Summer 13 lookbook so we brought some samples and did the damn thing.

Any good anecdotes from the trip?

Damn! Big, long, hollow barrels; burning thighs; topless S.U.P.ers, surfing bull dogs, tacos, Seabass, Snips, Sting rays, four-minute rides, black hawks, El Jimador, Pacificos in a can, no Internet…Paradise.

Sounds about right. What’s new in this line that has you hyped?

Safety yellow, the best board shorts ever made, and rainbow hats….

What’s inspiring you guys for this line? Looks like the ’80s are alive and well still.

We are inspired  by everything. There is an ’80s feel to it or maybe more 1991 Surfer magazine--you just can’t take these things too seriously. Brothers Marshall is a surf inspired brand run by surfers--surfing should be, and is, the least serious thing in the world. It’s all about looking at that wave and saying “hey bud, lets party!”

What’s your plan for trade show season? Where can retailers catch up with you?

As of right now we are only doing the Agenda trade show in Long Beach. You can contact us through our site if you are interested in checking out our new digs. I also have to mention we have a rad collaboration with Fourstar Clothing that we are showing that is gonna be epic!! You will see some videos for it soon…

The Brothers Marshall - Trace and Chad.

The Brothers Marshall - Trace and Chad.