Ben Raybourn Moves Up The Ranks In This Month’s Skate Exposure-Meter

Brook Bounces Colen

As Atiba and Burnett's shutter speeds steadily push them far above the pack, the top three got a new photog through August's titles with Brook battling up two spots into third. While a stellar accomplishment, to put it in perspective, Atiba's tally is nearly double Brook's and it looks like Burnett is the only challenger. That said, we're always backing the underdogs and like seeing Price making a move into the top ten with a three-spot rise into tenth.

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Stirring The Pot

Independent and Nike are still the only brands to break the triple Logo look boundary this year and are definitely the clear favorites to take the 2013 title, but things are getting interesting behind them as the pack battles for position. This month didn't see any new top-ten contenders, but it did see Vans climb two into fourth, and adidas jump the same number of spots into sixth, pushing fellow footwear giant Converse back three into eighth.

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Chris Cole Breaks 1 Million Points This Month

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Appleyard's Arms Race

For the second straight month, David Gonzalez and Evan Smith got nearly no ad love from their sponsors, leaving the door open for Mark Appleyard to ollie 22 spots into second place thanks to Element. Sean Malto also continued making moves, tying last month's second place ad man, Evan Smith, for third. Brandon Westgate's right there as well, joining the top five and just a single page away from the third-place duo.

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Burman's Barrage

This month's top three stayed steady from July's mags, but young gun Mark Suciu tallied some good coverage closing in on Nyjah Huston--he's just 50 points back. But the big story on the Edit front is Dane Burman, who broke into the top five with a 33 spot jump into fourth thanks to a banger 16-page Thrasher interview. Big ups to Grant Taylor as well who climbed into eighth from eleventh last month, joining the illustrious club of skaters who've cracked the 10k mark on the season.

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Photo: Trinh


Raybourn Moves Up The Ranks

Following another slow month, David Gonzalez needs to turn it on if he expects to extend his SOTY status to the Exposure-Meter. Ben Raybourn is breathing down his neck after climbing two spots into second and just over 2k behind Gonzalez. Nyjah Huston continued his climb in August's mags as well, jumping three into fifth, bringing his two-month rise to 55 spots. Mark Suciu also made more moves jumping up two into seventh. With just a third of this year's calendar still hanging on the wall, things are getting interesting.