Big Brother Is Back

Big Brother Issue #1After four long years, Big Brother is back. Owned by Big Brother Alumni Jeff Tremaine's, skateboarding's rawest magazine will now exist in digital format.

Archival nerds who never got around to complete their collections can rest easy now, part of the plan is to place the old print mags--there are more than 100--online.

"Right now the plan is that Big Brother will be a section of Jackassworld," says Tremaine. "We're going to put up all the back issues and anything we do skateboarding-related will be housed there as well."

New content for Big Brother will focus mostly on skateboarding, and most, if not all of the O.G. Big Brother lineup are lined up to contribute, including Dave Carnie, Sean Cliver, Rick Kosick, Dimitry Elyashkevich, Earl Parker, and Tremaine himself. "Hopefully Marc McKee and everyone else from the original crew will start contributing," says Tremaine.

Big Brother served a vital role in the industry. It was part skateboarding, part comedy, and part social commentary, pointing out the many foibles of our industry and generally toeing the line of what's considered "decent." In many ways, it epitomized the very "skate" mentality of seeing just how far you could push things before they blew up. The mag, which many concerned parents viewed as a gateway drug to pornography and debauchery, was purchased by Hustler's Larry Flynt Publications in 1997, ironically toned down, and closed down in 2004.