Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Report From Top Brands & Retailers

According to preliminary reports, sales went off over the holiday weekend, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions drawing crowds to brick-and-mortar and online shoppers to deep-discounting e-tailers. To keep a finger on the pulse of action sports retail in particular, we checked in to get an in-depth read from within the industry on how sales fared for some top brands and retailers.

Skatepark of Tampa saw a 5% increase in shop revenue for Black Friday compared to last year, a 3% jump in online sales, and most noteworthy was a 61% spike in Vans’ sales--a result of a Black Friday partnership with the brand.  SPoT was also running a Cyber Monday promotion that featured 15% off everything from the shop’s top brand, Nike, according to SPoT CFO Rob Meronek.

“The most noticeable difference was how sales for the day came in much slower than last year,” says Meronek. “Our line at the door when we opened at 7 a.m. was half the size as last year and by 9 a.m., we were worried that we would not even reach half our volume from last year.”

“Turns out, there was a slight increase [in sales] by the end of the day--everyone came and shopped, but it wasn’t as urgent and an early morning thing as last year,” Meronek explains.  “It was steady all day long rather than a huge pop in the morning, and online [sales] behaved very similar to our traffic volume in the shop.”

Customers at SPoT were treated to 15% off the entire store, and 25% off all Vans gear,  as part of a Black Friday partnership between the brand and retailer. Vans provided free skating, and kept skaters and die-hard shoppers fueled with free coffee, donuts, and snacks. Not surprisingly, Nike and Vans shoes were the star performers over the weekend.

Follow the jump for more specifics on marketing strategies, best sellers, and ways brands and retailers including HUF, Shut, Karmaloop, Backcountry, and Rhythm; are bumping up holiday sales tactics.

 Shut Skateboards

Michael Cohen, Vice President of NYC’s SHUT Skateboards had this to report:

What were Black Friday sales like this year compared to last? Did you see an increase?

This Black Friday was surprisingly better despite our situation here in the east with our city still in recovery mode from Hurricane Sandy. We always combine Black Friday with Cyber Monday so our sale is four days long and we are planning to run "Interwebs Tuesday."

How have holiday sales been doing in general since the snow season has got its start?

Snow season does well for us even though we are exclusively a skateboard shop and really doesn’t affect us negatively in sales. We get allot of tourist traffic and we are a destination flagship skate shop. As long as the NYC streets are dry the die hard SHUT skaters are out. We carry a few snow category items like SHUT beanies, windbreakers and hoodies and they do very well during the snow season. We also have some amazing snowboard product collaborations to look out for in the upcoming snow season.

What promotions were you running for Black Friday and how did they compare/differ from last year?

This year we offered deeper discounts across the board. We felt we needed to go heavier on the discounts because of what's going on here in NY with the recovery. So it was our way of giving back to our customers and new customers. We always separate our in-store and online sales just because we feel a better connection to our in-store customer.

Which products have been the top sellers?

Our Decks always do the best but this sale we have been killing it with our new Tees. Other items that are doing well are our beanies and we are selling out of hoodies.

What kind of promotions did you run for Cyber Monday? What are sales looking like as a result of those promotions and compared to last year?
We are running Cyber Monday but it is combined with Black Friday/ Small Biz Saturday, and like I said we will be incorporating  "Interwebs Tuesday." It’s only halfway through the day on Cyber Monday and we are doing better than last year already. All our numbers for all of the sales have been doing better each year and I attribute this to our growing population in the skateboard industry.

HUF Global Marketing Manager Cody Koester says the brand has seen a 50% spike in Black Friday sales compared to last year:


What were Black Friday sales like this year compared to last? 

We saw a significant increase in Black Friday weekend sales this year as compared to  last. This year we did things a little differently, though, as we ran special online promotions as compared to the HUF warehouse sale we held last holiday.

How have holiday sales been in general so far?

Holiday sales have been very solid for us this year. Our online store has seen a steady increase in growth since last season, and we have been receiving excellent feedback from our retail accounts, both domestic and international, in regards to our Holiday ’12 Collection. One thing we’re really excited about is our current HUF Pop-Up Shop project we have launched here in Los Angeles, which has regained us that physical presence on the Fairfax block for the holiday season. The pop-up shop is housed in the Hall of Fame store and features a thematic build-out to take on the aesthetic of a liquor store. We were able to get really creative for the build-out, giving our customers a unique and interactive shopping experience as they check out our current line over the holiday season. The pop-up shop has been receiving a really positive response from our fans, and will be up through the holidays and into early 2013.

What promotions were you running for Black Friday and how did they compare to last year’s?

Well last year we held a HUF Warehouse Sale on the Saturday immediately following Black Friday, whereas this year we offered special online promotions, such as our HUF Surprise Packs, which are really popular among our fans. We offered the HUF Surprise Packs over the span of the entire Black Friday weekend, as opposed to offering a one-day promotion, which I think helps out customers in terms of being able to shop from the convenience of their home over the holiday and not having to rush about.

Which products have been the top sellers?

Honestly our entire Holiday Collection has been really solid all around. In particular, our HUF Team Signature Colorway Series that we did for our Holiday ’12 footwear collection really killed it. For that project, we offered a series of footwear styles hand-selected and customized by our team riders in terms of colorways and materials. We worked with each of our team riders’ respective board sponsor on the project as well, applying the board sponsor logo to each shoe and producing co-branded, limited edition accessories that were included with each piece. In terms of apparel, we’ve brought in new outerwear pieces that have been doing really well, such as our HUF Drifter Reversible Vest. Throughout the collection, we’ve incorporated the HUF GFE graphic to hats, tees, and fleece, which has received a really positive response, and we applied our popular HUF Plantlife print to some new accessories such as gloves and scarves, which have also been really solid.

What are you doing for Cyber Monday?

For Cyber Monday we’re offering all of our customers an online promo code (CYBER) to receive discounts on all online orders. So far the orders have been coming in steady, so our fans seem to be appreciating it!

Karmaloop CEO Greg Selkoe took some time out from Cyber Monday madness to answer a few questions about sales and KL’s strategy throughout 2012-13 holiday. The site saw it’s largest sales day in Karmaloop history or Cyber Monday this year, according to KL executives.

What were Black Friday sales like this year compared to last as far as a percent increase?

From 2011 to 2012, we experienced a 50% increase in Black Friday sales.

What percent increase have you seen in sales on Friday and today (preliminary numbers) compared to a typical Friday and Monday?

Our typical sales increase has been 35% from 2011 to 2012. But over this past holiday shopping weekend, this increase has grown to 50%.

How have holiday sales been doing in general? 

Holiday sales have been exceptional this year! This is due to a number of factors. And, as always, we are constantly promoting the business via campaigns through channels such as Hype Beast, Complex, and High Snobiety. Also, earlier this fall we launched, which is Karmaloop's womens' only site. Additionally, we have made robust additions to our mobile applications.

What promotions were you running for Black Friday and how did they compare to last year’s?

From a financial perspective, our promotions this year, versus last year, are essentially the same. However this year, our spin on Black Friday (50 Shades Of Black) and Cyber Monday (Cyberkam Monday) are more outlandish and attention grabbing.

Which products have been the top sellers?

For men, our top selling categories right now are graphic tshirts, jeans, and accessories. For women, our top selling categories right now are intimates, printed leggings, and accessories.

What were your Cyber Monday sales like?

Yes, we have been running a tiered promotion for Cyber Monday (Cyberkam Monday). As of now, our Cyber Monday sales have increased 50% from 2011 to 2012.

Are you tracking the success of your email promotions in driving sales? Can you share what percentage of sales come from these type of marketing promotions?

As we are a rapidly growing ecommerce organization, we do track the performance of all of our email promotions. Approximately 25% of our annual sales are due to our email promotions. During this holiday time of year, that percentage increases to 35%-40%.’s Brand Marketing Director Marit Fischer caught up with us quickly on Monday to report a few initial numbers from the online retailer’s umbrella of brands, which include and

What were Black Friday sales like this year compared to last as far as a percent increase?

We were actually surprised with our black friday results. it was better than anticipated and given last year and retail climate this year, it was refreshing. We were up 30% year over year, which was amazing for black Friday. We are looking at black friday as kick off to cyber 21, we really look at all shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas to complete sales picture for entire 2012. Our entire backcountry business so all the stores under backcountry umbrella

How have holiday sales been doing in general? 

The trend is an increase in traffic and we are very pleased with sales so far because can’t close book on anything yet because just getting rolling on holiday season, but we are very optimistic at this point.

Actual sales were similar to last year. This year, sales wer up to 50% for Black Friday. It’s pretty much the biggest sale of the year and includes 17,000 items across all categories, hardgoods and softgoods, across’s umbrella of brands.

Which product categories have been performing the best across the sites?

On, we're selling a lot of travel pieces like luggage and accessories, as well as goggles from various brands.

Our customers responded well to our sales and our featured deals. On and, we saw an increase in sell-through on outerwear and various skis, snowboards, boots, and bindings.

For our Cyber Chick sale, which ran on Dogfunk for the holiday weekend, we fueled the ladies' appetites with great deals from Burton, 686, Nikita, Roxy, and Betty Rides. We can also tell the girls haven't stopped dress shopping this season!

Rhythm’s US Creative Director Gus Cawley got back to us on how Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales fared for the Australian-born brand.

How were Black Friday sales for Rhythm?

Black Friday sales were strong both in brick and mortar retail and through our online store, and definitely up from last year.

How are Holiday sales in general?

Holiday has been amplified by the start of snow season with both our Rhythm Autumn/Holiday 2012 our Rhythm Snow 12/13 collections both currently in store.

What promotions did you run for the holiday weekend?

We ran a 40% online from Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale which went out through our various social networking outlets as well as the mainstream media. We have also participated in multiple in-store Black Friday deals with our key retailers ranging from offering a BOGO offer with our Grease Beanies, providing gift bags to our retailers, and physically participating in a Black Friday Pop-Up shop in Downtown San Diego.

What’s the been the best selling items for Rhythm so far?

Short Sleeve Custom Tops like the Chocolat and Sweeny as well as bright fun trunks like the Seahorse and our Jams have been top sellers throughout the Holiday.

What did you do differently for Black Friday or Cyber Monday compared to last year? Did you see a spike in sales?

We have had the same sale running from Black Friday through Cyber Monday online and Cyber Monday has most definitely seen an increase in sales through our online store as a result.