Bode Merrill Dominates December Snow Exposure-Meter

Title: Bode Merrill Dominates in December

Excerpt: Bode Merrill sweeps the overall meter, Ruf may be an Ad Whore, and Oli Gagnon is still number one behind the scenes



Mover of the Month Bode Merrill takes the win after an eight spot-upgrade


This month's rendition of Exposure Mania is full of epic airs and insane swaps, as meters across the board were in a serious state of flux. December proved to be Bode Merrill's month, as he swiped first out from underneath Jeremy Jones, shoving last month's victor down to the bottom rung of the Top Ten. Gigi Rüf plays middleman, taking second place between Merrill and Mikkel Bang after an impressive six spot air. Merrill's gold-medal status came after an eight spot swap, as he traded up last month's ninth place as landed himself the victory as well as Mover of the Month. Here's to making it a hat-trick, as Merrill also managed to reel in the top spot in the race for Edit exposure, leaving second and third place to his podium co-horts, Bang and Rüf.



Merrill gets featured, but Bright steals the spotlight


In the race for Edit glory, this month's meter got pretty scrambled. Last month's leader, Jed Anderson, fell back into fourth, while Eero Ettala's third place became seventh. Big shot Bode Merrill came out of nowhere, jumping 17 places in order to carve out a first place finish. With an 11 page feature hot off the presses over at Snowboarder, not to mention stealing the cover of Snowboard, its no wonder Merrill dominated this round. The big story this month, however, is Torah Bright, whose 15 page profile among the pages of Snowboard earned her a 74 spot upgrade, all the way from 80th place to sixth. Rounding out the top ten, Chris Grenier got knocked all the way back to 19th, with Xavier De Le Rue nabbing the final seat in the coveted top ten.



Gigi Rüf and Dragon dominate through December


In the struggle for ad-space domination, December's titles offered quite the change-up. Gone are the days of Adidas poster-boy Jake Blauvelt as champion, with Gigi Rüf flying high on the wings of Dragon to claim the lead. Blauvelt didn't fall far, however, and still holds tight to the silver medal, even as Austen Sweetin and Special Blend move on up to bronze. While Zac Marben traded second place for sixth, his loss is small compared to Danny Davis' drop from fifth place into 11th, just a nudge outside of the top ten. Louif Paradis took over fourth place in order to free up seventh place for big mover Andreas Wiig, who made big moves this month, swapping 38th place out for a much cozier spot. For his part, Scott Stevens bumps back into tenth place from 8th, holding tight to the tail end of the leader board.




Burton keeps up appearances, stays strong in first


Logos, logos, logos. The only leader board that actually stayed consistent this round was right here in Logo Land. Burton topped the list, per usual, with Volcom, Oakley and Monster keeping hold of their respective second, third, and fourth place bragging rights. Trying to keep things interesting, DC and Forum did a little swapping, with DC trading up to fifth place and leaving Forum to carry sixth. In the same vein, Red Bull and Thirty Two switched it up, with Red Bull utilizing those wings to fly into seventh, and Thirty Two taking a breather in ninth. Electric made moves from twelfth into a seventh place tie with Thirty Two, while Ride kindly rounds out the crew in tenth.



Golden boy Oli Gagnon stays behind the camera and on top of the podium


Photographer extraordinaire Oli Gagnon holds top his spot atop the podium, which is no surprise given his sick cover shot of Chris Grenier graced the cover of December's Snowboarder. This, combined with a plethora of hot-shots and sequence spreads throughout the mag, has earned Gagnon another turn on top. Speaking of Snowboarder, staff photographer E-Stone once again took the bronze, one shot behind TransWorld's own senior cameraman, Andy Wright.  Stepping off of the podium, fourth, fifth and sixth place remain in the hands of Mike Yoshida, Frode Sandbech, and Dean "Blotto" Grey. Ashley Barker kindly stepped to the back of the pack, taking tenth leaving room for Cole Barash to step into eighth place and a tie with Bob Plumb.