Burton Presents The Archives At KNOWSHOW

burton snowboards

Press release:

There's a saying at Burton Snowboards that reads "you've got to know where you've been, to know where you're going”. This January the KNOWSHOW is very pleased to co-op with Burton Snowboards to present an exhibit that gives a snapshot of the history of snowboarding. 

Since Burton opened the Craig's R&D facility on its campus in Burlington, Vermont, there's been a lot of interest in the adjoining history museum. Featuring everything from old product and the first prototypes to original US Open bibs and just about anything Jake Carpenter kept dating back to the pre-1977 production of the first BB1.

Burton Archivist Todd Kohlman weaves together all of these items to showcase the role Burton played in the development of snowboarding. "We never say Jake invented snowboarding or anything like that, but we are very proud of our heritage in riding, for sure," Kohlman says.

The exhibit is open to all attendees during the show and Kohlman is on hand to answer questions and share unique stories of the history of Burton, its pros and the product. As the Burton Archivist, Kohlman manages a warehouse of product the company stores each year and curates goods for visual use within the company and partners. His knowledge of the sports history and product developments is widely recognized by enthusiasts and collectors alike.