Catching Up With Keir

RyoTransworld Business sat down with Keir Dillon after his recent win at the Nippon Open to find out about coming off the sidelines, his future plans and fatherhood.

After suffering a shoulder injury and a hiatus from the winner's platform since August 2005, Keir Dillon showed that he's still got some tricks up his sleeve with a huge win in a huge pipe at the Nippon Open on March 2nd. Transworld Business caught up with Keir on his way to Utah for a fifth place finish in the Superpipe Championships.

Transworld Business:
Last month you were doing sideline reports at the X Games and now you’re on the winner's podium. What got you to drop in for this contest?

Keir Dillon:
I did the X games reporting because it was a good opportunity to work with the ESPN crew. Those guys are real deal and I learned a lot, I also got tired of showing up to X Games stressing, falling in qualifiers and it was over. This past year was probably one of my most fun times there working with Todd and Sal. As far as Nippon, I was doing some hosting there as well, but I have it set up so I can ride also. Japan always has good pow, an amazing crowd and a fun pipe. This year was no different, so it was all good.

What would your commentary have been on your run if you were announcing it?
I don't know, it's hard to put on that cheesy announcer voice in email. So I think the effect would be lost. I think the closer would have been: “even the sun shines on a dog's A** every once in awhile."

This is your best finish in a major comp in a while – been eating Wheaties
or what?

With working on other projects, it seems to have brought snowboarding back to being just fun. No stress – doesn't really matter anymore how I do, so it allows me to go out there and enjoy it once again. Also I think riding with all my boys from the frends crew has really brought back that same element for me.

How’s the shoulder doing?
Its all good – thanks to a million pushups.Adam Moran

What are your plans for upcoming contests, projects, etc?
US Open, is next on the list, coming out of the East, it’s probably one of my favorite contests to do. Working on some TV shows, try and show snowboarding and action sports and the people I hang with, the way I see it.. Staying true to who we are, and having a lot of fun along the way… traveling and doing mini webesodies with friends.

I heard that you’re sidelining as an obstetrician. Tell me about your daughter’s big coming out event?

Long story short, I think all the talk about doing kickflips and mctwists in the belly got her all excited and she couldn't wait for the hospital. Luckily I watched a lot of the Cosby’s when I was a kid so it was all good in holding it down in the living room. I will say tying the cord with dental floss was something that they don't teach you in health class.