Catching Up With: Kevin Casillo

With the economy what it is, it’s always nice to hear about people getting jobs and coming up, and former pro snowboarder Kevin Casillo has done exactly that. Casillo has been hired as snow segment manager at Spy Optic, which basically means he’s the new team manager. From his years as a pro rider and working with Grenade, Kevin comes to Spy with a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience about what it takes to excel in this role. TransWorld Business recently had a chance catch up with Kevin and get his take on his new role with Spy.


What is your exact job description and what falls under that?

My title is Snow Segment Manager. This falls under marketing. I take care of all the snow athletes and work along side the marketing team to keep the high level Spy is at.

What’s going to be your approach to managing Spy's team?

Being from the other side of the fence (athlete), my approach is just to keep the team dialed and happy. Let the athletes be a part of everything we do. Really keep them involved. Also I'd like to take the guerilla style marketing that we used at Grenade and implement it into Spy where it fits.

What makes a successful Spy rider for you? Do you judge success by film parts, wins, print shots, Exposure-Meter, etc.?

For me it has to be the full package. Whether you are a film rider or a contest rider or both. It comes down to your personality. The riders that are passionate, and outgoing, who are out there pushing themselves and the sport in a positive way, and have the best time of their lives doing it. The riders that are psyched to sign autographs and meet kids. I am happy to say that coming aboard Spy, their team is amazing, and I am very excited to get to work with every single one of them.

How do you want your riders to be marketed?

For who they really are and what they represent. So it keeps true to what they believe in.

Did being a pro help you transition into this job?

I think so. Coming from being an ex-pro I had an understanding of the needs that I needed when I was out there. I knew what made me happy and motivated, and I knew where there were holes that needed to be filled. I know that I can relate to the rider, and do my best to fix it in the way it needs to be, to do better things for them

Why did you choose to go with Spy? Most people know you have a past history with Grenade, what made Spy so intriguing? How is your relationship with Grenade now?

I chose Spy due to the fact of me wanting to grow into a bigger position. I also felt that I would be a great aspect for them, knowing my background and having great relationships with their team. I have been part of Grenade since the idea was born in Danny and Matt Kass's mom’s house. They are my family and always will be. I am very gratefully for everything that Grenade has brought me. That is something I will never forget. I am still very tight with Grenade.

Kevin Casillo

What lies ahead this season for Spy, and its riders?

This is a big year! We have some athletes shooting to be part of the Olympics. We have some riders getting ready to get back out there and film their video parts. As for Spy as a whole, we are gearing up to make a big push in the right direction. We are ready to show the world that Spy is diverse in all aspects and ready to take over!

Any other shout outs or comments?

Thanks to: Danny Kass, Sketchy D, Dingo, Pat Bridegs, Brent, Matt, Trini, Fran, Stone, Kristin, Nelson, Libby, Mom, Sisters, all of my friends who help and support me, I know it's a full time job!