Celtek CEO Erik Leines On ’12/13 Softgoods/Accessories Trends

Celtek has been stepping up its game over the last several season’s offering a more sophisticated, broader line of apparel and accessories, while still hitting the nail on the head with designs that cater to its core competency built on artistically keeping shreds’ hands warm. We caught up with CEO Erik Leines for his take on what’s new for 2012/13.

Erik Leines modeling the Tactics x Celtek SMU

What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what are you doing to meet them?

Taste makers are the group of individuals that are adopting style and flavor into their kits on and off the hill which eventually drives the masses.  Celtek has a variety of design’s geared to that  audience.  We make this product based on what our team riders would want combined with technological advancements such as Touchscreen gloves.

In the handwear category we have seen a huge swing towards mittens and trigger mitts.  The mittens are working as a fashion statement as well as function.  The Celtek Chroma mitt uses the Wunderzip technology to allow you to zip open the palm of the mitt to get your fingers out.  The Core or Mass audience is starting to discover Celtek.  We have produced price sensitive products such as the Ace and Vertical mitten that retail for just $39.99 each.  The products have 20k inserts, Thinsulate insulation along with a simple design aesthetic.  Facemask’s are doing very well for us and our  retailers.  We think that this is because of the economics of improving your looks on the hill for $15 – $30 without having to get a new coat or pants which would be much more expensive.  There is definitely a larger price point customer in this environment than in seasons past.  Not saying more weekend warriors, but warriors that want to pay less and get more.

What new technologies are you introducing to your line?
TouchTec and X-Static were introduced into our line last season allowing our gloves to work on your Iphone or Navigation system.  We have broadened the Touchscreen offering and have built out a entire line where every glove works with Touchscreens.  Our waterproofing story has been built out YOY.  We will be introducing OutDry, a new waterproofing technique that works better than any marketed product it’s been tested against.  Also our face shields now have a good, better, best fabric story that will work in any condition.  People are now super concerned with skin protection so a facemask is a great avenue.

What trends do you anticipate in the realm of graphics, prints, themes, and colors?
Celtek always does it’s own thing regarding trends, graphics, etc.  We look to our team riders, in-house crew, and artist’s to figure out a unique approach to our designs that will be functional and flavorful.  Our line is getting creative with textured fabrics…so if it’s all black it will still have alittle something going on.

The Bitten by a Mitten series is wildly expanded featuring Mens, Women's, and Kids.  Art has always been a huge part of our brand DNA so you will definitely see some unique art in the Outbreak collections.  The women's products by Celtek have way more attention to detail and are not just an after thought in our line.  We were able to collaborate with our team riders and have an extensive pro series from the likes of Bjorn Leines, Mikey LeBlanc, Justin Bennee, Aaron Biittner, Marc Swoboda, Cale Zima, Chris Grenier, Dan Brisse, JJ Thomas, Jess Kimura, Stevie Bell, Bode Merrill, Cheryl Maas, and  Zac Marben.

What do you hope to contribute to snowboarding?
We are excited to have a brand founded by Pro-Snowboarders.  We hope that when you buy Celtek that you are buying an experience, not a product.  That experience might lead you to the best time of  your life!

A sample of Celtek's '12/13 bandanas