Clint & Kyle Walker Gain Momentum; Wes Kremer Continues Climb In Skate Exposure-Meter

July TransWorld Skate Exposure Meter


Atiba Secure In #1; Michael Burnett Bumps Ben Colen

Atiba remains securely fastened to the #1 spot, but Ben Colen, who had been riding high off the massive glut of Pretty Sweet coverage, has finally been bumped. Thrasher's Michael Burnett replaces him in 2nd place, although it's still anyone's game.

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Real, Volcom, & Vans Pull Ahead With Help From Walker

Kyle has a closet of gear from some of the best and most coveted sponsors in the industry: Real, Volcom, and Vans. The June issues are serving as his debutante ball, with heavy ads from all three of the sponsors. He moves up from 160th place in May to 7th in June.

Wes Kremer had ad support from DC this month, giving him a boost, and Tom Remillard had Expedition and Transworld ads to help him on his climb. 

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The Race Between The Top Ten Tightens Up

The top 4 remain the same: Indy, Nike, Spitfire, and Converse. There's a little bit of shuffling happening with the rest of the top 10, but nothing that can't be undone by a tour article. This race feels a lot closer than in years past, so it will get really interesting as 2013 plays out.

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Wes Kremer and Clint Walker Awarded Top Honors

You can usually tell at a glance who's gonna get a significant edit bump, just from looking at the covers and the interviews. Wes Kremer takes the honor from TransWorld's June issue, and Clint Walker owned Thrasher. For their efforts, these gentlemen were rewarded. Wes was already sitting pretty at 14th for edit, but this month's boost lands him in first. Clint came out of nowhere, grabbed the cover, and landed in 6th place. Not too shabby!

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Kyle & Clint Walker  

The big story this month is the appearance of Clint and Kyle Walker, who landed in the mags with a bang. If you've been paying attention, neither of these names will surprise you, but the rest of you: you're now in on the secret. These are two of skateboarding's brightest rising stars.

Another cover-interview success story is San Diego's finest, Wes Kremer. Wes has been on the rise for a while, and it's not his first cover, or his first interview for that matter. Still young, he's a seasoned pro with Sk8mafia and DC, and has a long and bright future ahead.