Closing Day Chaos

Winter always seems to go by too quickly, and it's hard to believe that another one is winding down, especially considering the fact that the snow pack is higher than it's been in years. Closing weekend at Vail this year felt more like mid-February than mid-April with two feet of fresh and snow showers on Saturday. But mother nature was a sport and cooperated with a fifty degree, cloudless day for the finale that had the freaks out en masse to celebrate one of the best winters on record, have one hell of a snowball fight, and have a good excuse to laugh at themselves.

On Saturday afternoon there was a pond skimming contest at Golden Peak. A cannonball contest would have been a more apt name as the pond had an eight foot kicker about ten feet back from the start and the physics for skimming didn't really seem plausible. A good time was had by all, except maybe the drunken yahoos getting dragged out of the pond while it snowed.

This guy was trying to convince himself he could clear the pond all day. It didn't work out so well in the end.

Closing day is normally full of dirt gaps and skid mark ridden slopes. Not so much in '08!

Jonny Moseley was on hand to announce the pond skimming contest and my friend Jim was pretty excited about it…

…but not as excited as this guy. Snow burns were definitely a plenty on Sunday.

This guy isn’t posing. I didn't have the heart to ask him if I could take his picture. I don't think this outfit was a joke.

Well, it definitely was a joke. I guess I should say intentional.

This pretty much sums up the attitude at four at four, when everyone gets together at the top of the mountain for last chair. Rumor had it that the annual celebration was going to be shut down by the cops, but things went smoothly for another year.