Comune Launches Domestically-Produced Men’s Collection

In next month’s July issue of TransWorld Business we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the opportunities and risks for brands moving apparel production back to the United States. One company focusing on the opportunity side of the equation is Comune-here’s a quick peek at the brand’s domestically produced men’s capsule collection for Fall 2011.

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According to Comune, “The collection will combine COMUNE’s aesthetic, design detail and price sensitivity, along with the superior quality and care of U.S. Made product. Our goal is to ultimately offer affordable product that is manufactured in the U.S., giving a larger range of consumers access to U.S. made product. This first range offers denim bottoms at $96 retail, Denim Jackets at $138 retail and Knits ranging from $38-58 retail.  We are excited to try and do our part, in anyway possible, to contribute to the growth of our economy. We intend to continue to expand this collection into new categories as the seasons progress.”