Dane Reynolds Makes Surf Exposure-Meter Podium Push

dane reynolds

Dane Reynolds slashes his way onto the Surf Exposure-Meter podium through September’s titles. Photo: Sharp


Florence Flexing Exposure-Meter Might, Reynolds Makes Podium

John John Florence has no interest in relinquishing his Exposure-Meter title. The phenom has yet again nailed the overall win, not to mention a first place finish in both the Edit and the Advertising meters. Kelly Slater is still holding tight to second place, though Dane Reynolds has pushed Julian Wilson aside to take his turn in the top three. Wilson lagged into fifth, while Josh Kerr rolls into fourth. Cory Lopez has earned himself mover of the month, making a 12-spot leap to surpass the top 20 cut-off and land comfortably in 18th. Following John John's lead, Channel Islands stands strong in the logo battle, boosting it's lead from 19 points to an impressive 35. Holding it down behind the lens is Tom Carey, who swapped spots with last month's victor Stafford to take the title.



Carey For The Win

On the photog front, it's Carey for the win. Jumping up two spots from last month's third place finish, Carey dominated the competition with a 12-page feature for Surfing Magazine and leads the pack by a comfortable distance. Stafford was edged into second place, with Struntz falling back into third. With an impressive showing throughout Surfer's September issue, Glaser shot his way into fourth place, a nice improvement from his previous sixth place spot. Brent Bielmann, for his part, broke into the top 10, no doubt considerably helped by a killer 20-page TransWorld SURF spread dedicated to the Fiji Pro.



Channel Islands' Breakout Month

Channel Islands is sitting pretty right about now. The logo not only maintained its spot atop the leader board, but managed to almost double the distance between first and second place. Speaking of second, Quiksilver hop-skip-jumped over Nike and Volcom, edging both back one spot to third and fourth, respectively. Monster made moves this month, snaking four spots to land in the top five, while Nixon happily swapped 11th place for seventh.



Guess Who?

Ready to be shocked? John John Florence has once again dominated the vicious battle for editorial coverage. With a 10-page spread in Surfing Magazine, Florence's lead sees an impressive swell, leaving Dane Reynolds and Kelly Slater behind to pick up their respective second and third place positions. While Slater garnered some serious exposure from TransWorld SURF's Fiji Pro coverage, Chippa Wilson moved from seventh place into fourth place, boasting a lead role in a 20-page feature among the pages of TransWorld SURF.


Ad Whores:

Kelly Puts The Heat On John John

Though John John Florence in first, the Ad race saw some serious upheaval this month, with Kelly Slater making a huge leap from his previous seventh place ranking to land in second. In addition, Julian Wilson lagged from second place for fifth, while Owen Wright and Josh Kerr swapped spots, giving Kerr a spot in the coveted top three. Thanks to a string of prominent Nike ads, Kolohe Andino continues his upwards rise, knocking down two spots to take fifth place.