Dane Reynolds Named ‘Mover Of The Month’ For October’s Surf Exposure-Meter

Dane Reynolds

Mover of the Month honors go to Dane Reynolds, who tallied nearly 2,500 points, becoming the only new face in the top ten with a three-spot leap into eighth.


Julian Wilson Jilts Anderson

As John John Florence extended his overall lead to nearly 15k, Julian Wilson stacked a strong mix of ad and edit to move up one into second, sitting just 100 points in front of bronze finisher Craig Anderson. Jordy Smith and Mitch Coleborn each moved up one into fifth and sixth respectively, sending Dylan Graves packing for seventh. Mover of the Month honors go to Dane Reynolds, who tallied nearly 2,500 points, becoming the only new face in the top ten with a three-spot leap into eighth.

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Surfing Podium Sweep

Surfing Senior Photographer Tom Carey has been spending a lot of time in the water snapping drives full of amazing shots of the sport's best and brightest, and in September's mags he became the first lensman to break the 30k barrier this year and extended his lead over fellow Surfing photog Jimmicane to nearly 7k. Corey Wilson completed the Surfing podium trifecta, moving up a spot into third and bumping Seth Stafford back to fourth. It’s a sad day, as Stafford and the rest of the TWSurf senior photogs will see the end of an era as the final issue of TWS wraps up.


Steady As She Goes

The top five brands stayed steady Eddie through September with just a couple movers and shakers. Billabong-owned Nixon hurdled its parent company, moving up one into sixth, right in front of Bong—a move that's apropos of both companies' recent performance financially.  The other interesting jostle came at the tail end of the top ten where Vans moved up two into tenth, knocking O'Neill out of the heat.


New Faces Force A Change

While the podium remained unchanged during the final month with TWSurf in the mix, a trifecta of new faces made the leap into the top ten. September's mags were huge on the edit front for Mick Fanning, who climbed nine into seventh thanks to Dragon and Rip Curl; Craig Anderson, who punted six into eighth with the help of Quiksilver; and Sebastian Zietz, who zoomed up 12 into ninth on Oakley's dime. The month's other big mover was Bruce Irons, who jumped five into the top five with a Fox campaign.

John John Is All But Gone

With the title that is—Florence earned almost 2k in edit in September to crack the 20k mark and extend his lead over Craig Anderson to more than 5k, a spread that could all but seal the deal with just three months to go. This month's Mover of the Month title gets split between Kelly Slater and Koa Rothman. The duo was tied in 14th coming into the month, but managed to climb into eighth and ninth respectively, with Slater becoming one of only eight surfers to crack the 10k mark in 2013.