David Gonzalez Owns The April Skate Exposure-Meter

Photo Wars

Atiba Pads Lead


Thanks to a feature and a cover, Atiba Jefferson put some distance between himself and the rest of the crowd. Atiba covered a Red Bull trip to Arizona. Ben Colen is still holding on to second thanks to his Pretty Sweet coverage, but Thrasher's Michael Burnett more than doubled his points this month, with a SOTY feature and a Deathwish feature.

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Tony Hawk's Roll Continues, Koston Cracks Top Ten

Tony Hawk racked up nearly 2.6 million social interactions in April alone, more than any other skater other than Hawk and Dyrdek have gotten in the entire year. Nyjah Huston had a big month, nearly cracking one million interactinos in April, and it was enough juice to bump him up from fourth onto the podium in third.

The rest of the top ten was fairly static with one interesting exception. Despite a huge month in print, last month's tenth-place finisher David Gonzalez slipped back to 14th making room for Eric Koston to climb into this month's marquee.

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Nike Swooshes In For the Lead

It looks like the almighty swoosh has claimed top billing in the logo tally, sneaking past last month's frontrunner, Independent, by one point for April. Don't bother shedding tears for Independent, though. The Iron Cross still maintains a solid second place. Spitfire came in third, edging out Lakai for the bronze. The year is only 1/3 over, though, so it's still anyone's game!

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Gonzalez Grabs The Glory

As noted above, David Gonzalez had the vast majority of the ad coverage this month, and the nearly 9,000 points he amassed in April led him from 31st place to a commanding lead in April. Ishod Wair made a climb with ad support from Real and Nike, and DC and Element both celebrated their newest pro Evan Smith with some ads as well. Congrats Evan!

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Tershy Takes The Lead

The big jump this month was clearly David Gonzalez, with his SOTY coverage, but it wasn't enough to drop him in the top ten. He sits comfortably in 11th place for now, but that's likely to change. Another thing that changed was this month's leader. Raven Tershy swooped in and took the lead from Ben Raybourn.

Other than that, Grant Taylor showed up on the Top Ten, thanks to his "passing the torch" Thrasher interview. It's always nice to see guys like Grant get coverage the year after they dominated the coverage game. If ever there was a time to take a vacation, this is it, but guys like Grant--they bring their board on vacation with them, and somehow end up with a feature.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the winner of this month’s overall Skate Exposure-Meter…


David Gonzalez Owns April


It's not difficult to do the math. He was 2012's Thrasher Skater of the Year, so you know there's a slew - nay, an onslaught of coverage. Make that a derth.

Suffice it to say, Gonzalez came through with a cover and interview in Thrasher. Even though it wasn't the traditional full-interview (it was more of a tour article), it created a big coverage boost. Adding to Gonzalez's tally were ads from Ricta, Volcom, Independent, Mob Grip, Globe... damn, he's got a lot of sponsors!

Photo: Seu Trinh, TW SKATE