Duffs and Adio in Transitional Phases

In more shoe shakeup news, Oceanside's Duffs and Vista's Adio both had a round of layoffs and terminations recently.Adio let go of approximately 13 people in various positions. No names were givenadio-web.jpg

Duffs terminated four positions as well, but pros Matt Hensley and Louie Barletta remain with the brand. Genfoot's subsidiary company, which has since been dissolved, was "Duffs International." The brand is now owned by Alex Hall, a longtime Duffs distributor based out of the UK. The new parent company is called "Duffs 93, ltd.," and the brand is simply "Duffs."Early on, there was a misunderstanding as employees received letters indicating they were no longer part of "Duffs International." The letter, which came from Genfoot, did not explain that "Duffs 93, ltd." was absorbing contracts and employees.


"Genfoot didn't put anything in the contract saying that Duffs 93 was picking up the contracts because they didn't feel it was any of their business," explains Duffs president Scott Weaver.

Four out of nearly thirty employees were terminated in the transition.Genfoot is selling of the Oceanside, California-based office that Duffs International operated out of. The new U.S. branch of Duffs will be in a to-be-determined area of Orange County, California.

For more information, see Duffs' press release HERE.Good luck to the recently unemployed, We hope you land on your feet. Feel free to post your resumes in our forum section!