E-Letter From The Editor | A New Era Online

Well, we’ve done it. We’ve embraced change, and unveiled a brand spanking new web redesign. TransWorld Business now has reader forums, a social media corner, and a revamped homepage that provides a broader look at all the vital resources that are right at your fingertips—and it’s all to make your lives easier.

As we continue to grow and evolve, and as technology and the web speed into uncharted territory, it only made sense for us to take a closer look at ways we can make our site more efficient. Our social media section now lets you directly connect with the magazine’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages from the TransWorld Business homepage. Our new design also has a higher level of organization, with an improved navigation bar featuring drop down menus, giving readers the option to explore more aspects of the site.

As way to open up the site to readers’ comments and listen to your feedback, we added the Facebook-enabled forums at the bottom of each post. You can leave your comments by signing in to Facebook or your email account, and the comment will automatically be tracked to your page. You can like a story, respond to other readers’ comments, and share what you learned on TWSBiz.com with the world.

We also increased the variety of stories you see on our homepage, giving you a broader look across all our stories, photos, and videos. We want to make sure you are utilizing all the tools that we are providing. The new homepage design also has a minimal design principal, making it easier to read and navigate. Our goal was to improve the overall user experience, and hope you find this to be true.

As always, TransWorld Business welcomes your feedback and would love to hear from you—whether you Tweet, FB message, or comment in the forum below. Please keep us up to speed on anything we can do to make your lives easier.


Kailee Bradstreet
TransWorld Business Online Editor