Behind The Scenes Of etnies 25th Anniversary Paris Art Exhibit

Celebrating 25 years in the action sports world is a feat that doesn’t go unnoticed. To mark a quarter century, Etnies enlisted several noteworthy artists to create an installation signifying skateboarding’s progression and where it’s headed. The exhibit, which is being showcased at Paris’ La Gaite Lyrique, will be open to the public through August 7 and features the work of creative minds from the brand's history,  including Gil Le Bon Delapointe, Mike Manzoori, and Yogi Proctor.

CEO and owner of etnies Pierre-Andre Senizergues says the invitation to create a skateboarding exhibit at the prestigious art space was an honor.

“To celebrate etnies 25 year anniversary, we didn’t simply look at the past, but we wanted to look to the future and what the NEXT 25 years will bring,” says Senizergues. “In 2036, the world will be filled with eight generations of skateboarders. Look at the impact that we’ve had on the world so far and imagine the impact that we’ll have in the future. Progression in skateboarding always takes place and we’re happy to be a part of creating technological and environmental innovations that will positively impact our planet — it’s the only playground we have, so we need to consider the important role that skateboarding plays.”

Le Bon Delapointe, one of the first graphic designers for the brand who was hired nearly 23 years ago, says that he agreed to work on the project after Senizergues asked him to create a concept of what the world would be like in 25 years from a skateboarder’s perspective.

“Skateboarding in the streets has always included riding on and around the architectural environment and I think it is time for the two worlds to mix on another level,” says Le Bon Delapointe.  His project, dubbed  The PAS House, is the first architectural project mixing a modern single family home with skateable transitions and ledges.

Former etnies Art Director Proctor also collaborated on the art showcase, and says he was stoked to help out the brand, which he worked for throughout the 90s and early 2000s.

“Skateboarding is a way of seeing the world from an alternative point of view, just like art,” says Proctor. “So it’s interesting to think about what skateboarding will be like in the next 25 years.”