Events: Oahu Oakley Hackfest Golf Tournament

Browse through the gallery for a visual tour of the Oakley Hackfest tourney and stay tuned for more from the North Shore including Oakley’s strategy for cracking into one of surfing’s most coveted, and highly guarded, bastions.

As part of Oakley’s annual Oakley Pro/Am Tour, nearly 300 golfers, including top local surfers and industry vets and pros like Eric Koston, descended on the North Shore of Oahu November 2-3 to participate in the Oakley Hackfest, one of the oldest events on its tour, and herald the opening of this year’s surf season.

Hackfest, the brainchild of Oakley Hawaii Rep Jason Sakamoto, has been taking place for well over a decade and is not only an amazing way to connect the brand with the local community by showing them a good time, hooking them up with a ton of product, connecting them with brand ambassadors like Koston and former baseball stars Gary Sheffield and David Wells, but a great way to raise money for charity.

This year the Hackest, which is part of the road to the Oakley Skull Cupraised over $13,000 through registration, raffles, and auctions for the University of Hawaii golf team, and last year brought in nearly $20k for Infinite Hero.

Golf has become one of Oakley’s fastest growing divisions, and to support a grassroots following for the sport, the company created this series of regional Pro/Am tournaments, whose winners get a chance to compete in the annual Skull Cup tournament in Arizona as the brand searches for the most talented and explosive non-tour golfers around the country, and now the world, as the Skull Cup brings in international players for the first time next February.

“Hackfest and the Pro/Am in general are a great way to showcase Oakley’s diversity and connect people with the broad array of products and personalities of Oakley,” says Oakley US Field Marketing Manager Ryan Evert. While the iconic Rolling O Lab wasn’t on hand as it normally is for the Pro/Ams due to obvious logistical issues, the resort was branded to the hilt and offered the hundreds of passionate Oakley disciples various ways to connect with the brand including surfing lessons, dinners and parties, concerts, sponsored shopping sprees, oh and a two-day golf tournament.

Here’s how Oakley describes its goals behind the Pro/Am series:

Yeah, we have closest to the pin and longest drive competitions, but that is about where the similarity’s of an Oakley Pro-Am and other Pro-Am part ways. Leave it to our awesome golf sales reps and their ability to think outside the box to continually raise the bar when it comes to creating a unique golfing experience, as it is something you need to see to appreciate. At the end of the day Oakley wants all participants walking away with their arms full of killer Oakley products, a wallet full of cash and a smile on their face. Plus knowing they have made some new friends and a better understanding of the Oakley culture.

Building off ten very successful years, the Oakley Pro-Am series has expanded from coast to coast here in the US, as we will now host ten events across the country. The series has grown in popularity and success to where just announcing an upcoming tournament creates a buzz to the point where it sells out within a couple hours of the announcement.

Many of our tournaments feature celebrity athlete guests – not just from the golf industry but other Oakley involved sports like NASCAR, NBA, NFL, MLB, Surf, Skate & Snow professionals who love golf and love the culture of the Oakley brand. So, come on out because you never know who’ll you see at one of our Pro-Am’s.

The original idea is still intact, but maximized tenfold, equaling a serious yet fun time!