EVENTS: SIMA Holds Green Bootcamp

SIMA’s Green Bootcamp sparked a lively discussion Thursday, April 16 amongst 40 industry members in attendance and a panel featuring Vipe Desai, Founder of Project Blue, Billabong’s Senior Design Director Rob McCarty, and Volcom’s General Manager of V. Co-Logical Society Environmental Affairs Derek Sabori.

The panel focused on the future of green products and broached issues ranging from the demand of environmentally-friendly products, how to educate consumers about the benefits of purchasing organic lines, and whether developing industry-specific guidelines for such products would be beneficial in the future.

Jenny Bravo, tax leader at Deloitte’s Enterprise Sustainability Group, presented a step-by-step “How To” on documenting carbon footprinting, which included an explanation of three levels – or scopes – of emissions and what falls under those categories in a business reports.

Surfrider Coastal Campaign Specialist Stefanie Sekich capped off the morning with a summary of how community and industry activism lead to victory in the Save Trestles campaign. To drive home her point about how much power the surfing community possesses, Sekich cited a study supported by UCLA researchers that showed surfers who visited Trestles Beach brought $8-$13 million worth of revenue to the city of San Clemente.

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