Facebook Live is Here; Teaser Has Action Sports Heroes to Help Kick it Off

Facebook Live Teaser Captures 10M+ Views

Facebook launched “Live” last week and pushed out a trailer introducing the technology. Founder Mark Zuckerberg has said FB Live will change the way we communicate through the ability to interact in real-time.

The Live API allows for real-time video broadcasting via several different devices, ranging from smartphones, to high-powered TV cameras, to drones. Zuckerberg announced that live video broadcasts will also be prioritized in the FB newsfeed, meaning more eyes on your content if you live-stream it.

The updated features of the Live app are designed to get users broadcasting more video. You can live-stream to a private group or to a group event that you’ve RSVP’d for, i.e. taking the group under the ropes at a contest or behind the scenes for a film project. The Live option also allows users to invite their friends to a video they’re watching.

While Facebook Live might give athletes and brands more opportunities to engage with fans and consumers, we’re honestly just excited to see action sports heroes make cameos in the viral trailer. The social-network gave celebrities and influencers the Live API before it was released to the public, helping to generate content, popularity, and gather feedback.

The Facebook Live teaser was pushed on Wednesday, April 6th, and has already captured over 10M+ views, making the top five list for viral videos of the week, according to Visible Measures.