Gigi Rüf sweeps 2014/15 Snowboarding Exposure-Meter; Mark McMorris grabs Digital Win

2014/15 Snowboarding Exposure-Meter

Gigi Ruf in Haines, AK shooting for Absinthe’s Perceptions. Ruf won overall Exposure-Meter for the 2015/16 Winter season. Photo: Andy Wright


The  2014/15 season saw some healthy competition when it came to the Exposure-Meter scene. We saw top hitters return for a victory lap while others couldn’t make the cut. Check out who grabbed the top ten spots in every category from ads, to photographers, to the overall top athletes of the season.

We also threw in a new element to the Exposure-Meter: Digital Content. We measured which athletes have received the most amount of traffic over the past season on endemic media outlets, and are happy to bring you a glimpse of that action right here. Enjoy!

Exposure-Meter Scientist: Mike Lewis



Gigi Rüf, Jeremy Jones (BM), and Sage Kotsenberg respectively sweep the top three on our exposure meter for the 2015/16 Winter season

After another stellar season, setting the bar for backcountry riding and defining the future of freeriding, Gigi Rüf grabbed another Snow Exposure-Meter title, closing out the year with a huge last round to become the only rider to break 20k on the season. After grabbing the win on the Edit front, Jeremy Jones ended the year in a solid second, edging out Sage Kotsenberg by just 50 points. Closing out the top five were Kazu Kokubo and Pat Moore, both coming off huge years.

2014/15 Snowboarding Exposure-Meter

Congratulations to all the riders living the dream and providing the stoke for the rest of world. Here's to spring slashes, summer missions and a deep snow for the 2015/16 season!

Here’s a look at the rest of this season’s elite:








Gigi Rüf, Danny Davis, & Pat Moore grab the top three

With nearly a 3,500-point lead coming into the final round, all it took was one final Nike spread in the Snowboarder Photo Annual to crown Gigi Rüf this year's Exposure-Meter Ad Champion thanks to strong support all year from the Swoosh, Dragon, and Union. It was a big month on the race for the rest of the podium as well with Danny Davis jumping one into silver and Pat Moore climbing two into bronze, unseeding Torstein Horgmo, who fell from second to fourth with a slow February.

2014/15 Snowboarding Exposure-Meter

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Lib Tech, Burton, & Capita take the top three

It was an interesting season to say the least. With record dumps in Boston as Baker shut down, the unexpected was the new normal and so was the case in this year's Logo War. After countless seasons atop Logo Land, Burton was officially dethroned as Lib Tech edged them out with a strong last heat of the year, grabbing nine looks and the gold, while Burton settled for silver. Capita closed out the podium with 51 looks, Monster grabbed fourth with 41 on the season, and Salomon and Volcom tied for fifth with 34.


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Oli Gagnon grabs top spot with E-Stone as number two overall, and Mike Yoshida and Andy Wright close to even at third and fourth

With a huge lead coming into the final round of the '14/15 Snow Exposure-Meter season, Oli Gagnon was looking like a shoe-in to grab gold, and after grabbing another 8k in Edit shots, Gagnon iced the win, grabbing the title from last season's winner, Ethan "E-Stone" Fortier, who ended this year in second with nearly 22k on the year. Rounding out this season's podium was none other than Mike Yoshida, with Andy Wright and Darcy Bacha closing out the top five.

2014/15 Snowboarding Exposure-Meter

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Mark McMorris sweeps the top spot for digital content exposure;  Danny Davis sits at number two, and Hallador Helgason close behind in third

This was the first year we’ve unveiled the Digital Content Exposure-Meter, and we are beyond excited to finally bring you a gauge of who’s moving the needle online. We calculated total coverage from the top 100 athletes over the past 12 months, combining proprietary calculations from endemic media outlets TransWorld Snowboarding ( and Snowboarder Mag ( The numbers were overwhelmingly obvious in terms of which riders were creating web content that the people loved. Here’s to a solid season on the web!

2014/15 Snowboarding Exposure-Meter

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Jeremy Jones (BM), Sage Kotsenberg, and Nicolas Müller round out the top three editorial exposure

After an amazing season where Jeremy Jones' rugged face and riding were showcased across scads of magazine pages, we're excited to announce that Jeremy Jones went Higher, Deeper, and Further on the Snow Exposure-Meter Edit charts than any other rider. Grabbing well over 11k, the only rider to break the 10k mark, Jeremy had a decisive lead all year and a strong closing round. On his heels, Sage Kotsenburg and Nicolas Müller rounded out this year's Edit podium, with Jed Anderson and Kazu Kokubo tying for fourth just 125 points off Müller's tail.

2014/15 Snowboarding Exposure-Meter