GoPro CEO Nick Woodman On New Hero 3 And Media Adventure Trip

Note: This video was all shot with the new GoPro Hero3. It went live on Thursday morning at midnight and has already received nearly two-million views.

I received an email a couple weeks ago from GoPro Communications Director Rick Loughery saying I needed to clear my calendar for an upcoming event. The message was simple--”Choose your adventure: Land, Sea, or Air.” Loughery said GoPro would be making “it’s biggest announcement in history,” and that’s all he could share. Oh, and that if I’d ever wanted to be Maverick, to choose Air.

The patina of mystery held thick as the San Francisco fog as we arrived in the city by the Bay. But that night the fog lifted over the city and the event as the 60 journalists from around the globe got the first glimpse of GoPro’s new smaller, lighter, faster, and all around more heroic Hero3 camera.

Here’s Founder and CEO Nick Woodman breaking the news and explaining the groundbreaking updates on the new camera:

Following the announcement we were all kitted out with new Hero3s and prepared for the following day’s activities which would put them to good use. For the Land crew, it was off to race Audi R8s and motorcycles, the Sea squad was going diving in the aquarium and racing with what remained of the Oracle America’s Cup squad despite a devastating crash the day before, and for the air group, we geared up for a day of hot air ballooning followed by flying formation fighter planes with the Patriots Jet team.

Here’s a look at some of the fun and some amazing stats from GoPro’s recent performance.

Following the day’s adrenaline-drenched madness, it was back in the buses for one last party and a panel featuring some of the world’s best photographers and cinematrographers, including Jimmy Chin, Robbie Crawford, Cameron Glendenning, Vincent Laforetand GoPro’s own Manager of Media Bradford Schmidt, discussing the disruptive nature of the camera and its impact on the film world and beyond.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that GoPro has upended the world of cinematography, but importantly it has redefined media sharing, while personalizing our interactions with the sports we love and conveying them to our friends and loved ones while capturing the imaginations of millions. Not only has this tool become a huge revenue driver for retailers, but an amazing gateway into the sports that drive them, pushing countless people to get on boards and experience them more richly, and share their experiences and passion with the next generation.

We can’t wait to see how and where people use the Hero3.

gopro hero 3

The GoPro Hero3 Black, Silver, and White.