GoPro’s Chris Kinman Discusses GoPro’s Growth & Where It’s Headed

GoPro Media Relations Manager Chris Kinman On Aligning With Social Networks To Ascend

It’s no secret that GoPro‘s success over the last several years has been monumental in the POV camera world , especially in an economy that is still on the mend. The company got its start when Founder and CEO Nick Woodman was on a surf trip in Indonesia and Australia and built a makeshift camera with waterproof housing that could be strapped to his wrist. Today, that idea has evolved into one of the fastest growing companies in Action Sports.

“I think timing was a big factor there,” says GoPro Media Relations Manager Chris Kinman. “We came along right when YouTube and social networks were really coming on strong and I think with different timing and in a different situation, maybe GoPro wouldn’t have risen like it did, but we were lucky enough to come out with a product that is so user friendly and so easily usable to create dynamic content that YouTube, Facebook, these social networks just helped us rise with them. Today we are an essential tool to sharing content…”

Hear what else Kinman has to say on the company’s trajectory, and it’s plans for building on its product in the future.

Get a look at GoPro’s headquarters and media trip from a couple years ago, when the CEO Nick Woodman unveiled the brand’s Hero3 camera to the world.

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