Herschel Co-Founder Jamie Cormack: ‘Keep Daydreaming’

Herschel Co-Founder Jamie Cormack On Building the Brand, Staying Creative, & His Advice to Novice Brands: ‘Keep Daydreaming’

Vancouver based brand Herschel, founded in 2009  by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, has continued to gain momentum since launching its unique spin on backpacks within the action sports and youth lifestyle markets. The Cormack’s have chosen to base the brand on their family’s heritage, naming the brand Herschel after a small town where the brothers' great grandparents settled after making the trek from Scotland during the early 1900s. Today, its a combination of incorporating elements from the past, the brand’s eye for bag design and construction, and interesting retail marketing strategies that has moved Herschel to the next level.

A camo silhouette from Herscehl’s Spring 14 collection.

“Within bags I really felt there was a hole,” says Cormack. “Lyndon and I, we saw that, and we just wanted to keep it simple, and we basically started with that. We took some inspiration from the past but we also modernized that bag—we made it a little bit narrower and a little bit taller, fit the silhouette better, and created features inside that fit today’s technology. Our goal today is the same as it was back then: simple, refined product, fine regard for detail, and really we call it the new nostalgia. To get out of bed and be creative, it’s so much fun and we love it.”

When asked his advice to those just starting a business or brand, Cormack’s response was keep daydreaming.

“The big thing to know and what we always talked about was this: fifty percent of your day is spent daydreaming— And keep daydreaming. It’s the most important thing.”

To get a big picture look at the brand’s roots, how they got started and what they are all about, check out our interview with Jamie back in 2011. For news on the brand, visit our Herschel archives page.



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