Surfers Weigh In: How Far do you Live from your Nearest Break?

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The State Of Surf: How Far do you Live from your Nearest Break?

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The TransWorld Business State Of Surf, an in-depth look into the market at both the retail and consumer level, is the first report of its kind to tap into proprietary data from two of the largest endemic surf media houses: Surfer and Surfing. We asked both titles’ digital audiences to weigh in on what they’ve recently purchased, where they most frequently shop, and what brands they are most likely to own in the near future when it comes to surfboards, boardshorts, and other gear essential to the core surfer.

On the demographics side, we asked a couple crucial questions in order to figure out just who makes up our surf audience. Some of the most revealing data we included in the full report was the following, which is a big statement to how committed our survey respondents are to their sport.

how far do you live from your nearest break

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Introducing the State of Surf: Surfers’ Purchasing Habits